70 year old does Robberg walk for her love 

Published: February 8th, 2018

No amount of pain could stop 70-year-old Elizabeth Green, who completed a 6km hike to honour her late husband.

Robberg Nature Trail in Plettenberg Bay File photo: INLSA

Robberg Nature Trail in Plettenberg Bay File photo: INLSA

The Wilderness resident braved the Robberg Nature Trail in Plettenberg Bay in the name of love, attributing her gesture to her late husband on their 50th wedding anniversary. However, along the way she experienced pain in her hips, knees and legs, making the journey extremely difficult.

National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) spokesperson Craig Lambinon said: “The local NSRI received reports of a 70-year-old woman experiencing difficulty while hiking on the Robberg Nature Reserve hiking trail on Saturday.

“When the crew arrived they found Elizabeth Green, from Wilderness, near the Island, determined to continue her hike despite pain in her knees, hips and legs.

“The reason for her determination was that she undertook the challenging trail to honour her late husband on their 50th wedding anniversary.”

Lambinon said Green refused to give up and get onto a stretcher offered by NSRI crew members. She also refused to be carried for the remainder of the trail.

A group of Swiss hikers had come across Green on the trail and stopped to assist, but then on hearing the sentimental reasons for the hike, they decided to join her and help her along.

Other hikers were also on the trail at the time.

As news spread of Green’s situation, they had also joined in to assist and some went ahead to find cellphone reception to raise the alarm.

With the support of the groups of hikers and NSRI crew members, Green completed the walk.

“The NSRI commends Rodger Milton, from the United Kingdom, Tanita Bohny, Francesca Cimino, Vanessa Tinnacher and Marion Giger, from Zurich, Switzerland, and all other bystanders and hikers who assisted along the way, for their assistance,” said Lambinon.

All attempts to get comment from Green proved fruitless yesterday.




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