View of Plett from Plettenberg Hotel

Welcome to Plett

No, you’re not dreaming, you are in Plett at last! For some, it’s long, lazy days on sunny beaches; for others it’s Plett’s buzzing night life and high season cocktail circuit! There are those who are up early to ride the forests and go parachuting and bungee jumping…and then there are the monkeys and elephants and other wild animals and birds dotted about the Plett area that make for the perfect fun-filled leisure time. Whatever blows back your hair, it’s here in Plett and it’s all for you!

Oh, and don’t forget to visit our 16 wine estates, go on a township tour where you can visit a township tavern, or take part in any number of activities that make up the Plett Summer Festival.

Now that we have your attention, there’s a lot more to come! The Plett Summer Festival is the first step to creating a cohesive summer holiday experience – which features the iconic Discovery Sabrina Love Ocean Challenge and it’s part of our mid-term plans to build a series of festivals and events during the year to tempt you, and other visitors, back again!

Check out the Festival & Event Calendar for our line-up of events. Look out for some of the Garden Route’s favourite Plett Tourism events; the Plett ARTS Festival which includes the successful Kids of Kurland’s Fringe Festival – an eclectic mix of theatre, dance, music and fun, Plett Food & Film – a showcase of film neuveux paired with amazing food at local restaurants; the AFRIDOCS  series, Twilight Art Meander and the Plett Winter School for those looking for something more cerebral. You won’t want to miss our end-of-winter highlight – the Plett Wine & Bubbly Festival!

The Plett Wine & Bubbly Festival is a key part of the Plett Winelands ongoing striving for greatness. A proven vehicle to bring the wine to the people, this event brings Plett a whole new feeling! There are established hiking and biking trails from wine estate to wine estate, with stopovers on the way. And in some instances you will be able to go from one to the other on horseback. We will also be looking at a number of other components, but more of that later.

Ah, so much to do, and so little holiday time!

Please have the best, safest, time of your life. And let us know your favourite Plett feeling by sharing your photos on Facebook and Instagram.

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