Birds of Eden 

Child Friendly Credit Card Facility Restaurant / Bar facility

Birds of Eden

saasa-WackyWednesdayThe largest single span free-flight aviary in the world, an experience you will find nowhere else. Encompassing an area of 2.3 hectares of forest and waterways with 1.2km of walkways, enjoy the thrill of spotting an abundance of birds flying free and living natural lives at your own pace.

A home to over 3500 birds of some 200 species of previously caged birds which include several species of parrot, turaco, waterfowl, finches, crane, hornbill and many more.

Also visit Jukani and Monkeyland.





Please note:

  • We open from 8h30 to 17h00, unless other times are pre-arranged
  • All weather facility and suitable for all age groups
  • Entrance to Monkeyland, Birds of Eden and Jukani is a day rate
  • At Monkeyland all the tours are conducted by our safari guides, and last normally 1 hour
  • All three sanctuaries are wheelchair friendly
  • All three sanctuaries have curio stores and restaurant facilities
  • Our sanctuaries are no touch (hands off) facilities
  • Unless requested otherwise, tours are conducted in English or Afrikaans
  • We have multi-lingual safari guides at Monkeyland (German, French and Spanish is spoken)
  • All tour leaders, guides, bus drivers, booking agents etc are free of charge (FOC)
  • Please wear comfortable shoes
  • We have an tour operator lounge at Monkeyland
  • We offer affordable sanctuary membership (annual) options


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