Brackenburn C.R.E.W. 

Brackenburn C.R.E.W. which stands for Conservation, Rehabilitation, Education and Wildlife, is a brand new company starting in The Crags, situated on the Brackenburn Private Nature Reserve at the very end of Askop Road.

We are establishing guided trails on the property with gorgeous forest and river views and wondeful birding opportunities. We are open to schoos, scouts, and we sre presenting a sensory tour system for the special needs groups as well.

We will do small amounts of rehabilitation, specifically at present the terrestrial birds of the area.

We will also be bringing in a Young C.R.E.W. system on Sundays for under 12′s whereby they volunteer to come and learn and work with us for about 2-3 hours every Sunday, with the fee being a donation product of some sort for the rehabilitation centre, for example-towels, hot water bottles, plastic containers, boxes, etc.

Brackenburn Cottage

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