Ericaville Tea Tours 

Ericaville tea farm is situated in Kranshoek Griekwa Settlement approximately 10km outside Plettenberg Bay. The farm run by a trust and maintained through various Expanded Public Work projects has been exporting the majority of its tea (95%) through the EU Fairtrade principle for the past ten years.

The only region in the world where Honeybush grows naturally the farm is ideally situated for the growing and harvesting of both Honeybush and Rooibos teas. It is traditionally grown and harvested by hand by the descendants of the Khoisan people that adhere to stringent organic production rules.

The farm currently boasts a variety of natural and flavoured teas, ice teas and there are up to 27 flavours to choose from.

The farm now offers this experience to tourists and citizens alike with a tea tour that will entail:

  • A brief history, plant classification, medicinal properties and instruction on how to cultivate and harvest honeybush and Rooibos tea. (approx 30min)
  • An opportunity to harvest by hand (approx 30min)
  • The chop of the tea by hand (approx 30min)
  • The drying and flavoring of the tea in the oven. This process is quite lengthy Approx 4 hours.

During the natural harvest time of the Honeybush during August September the farm will also offer wild harvesting. This will give tourists the opportunity to identify the plant int the wild, harvesting it in it’s natural environment and be taken through the drying process.

The aim is to give customers the full harvesting experience from growing to having a beautiful cup of tea, so patrons will gain the experience and have something to show for it.

The tour will be supported by two tea gardens where the product can be tasted and purchased.

The potentail projectsthat may spin-off a well-managed tea tour is immense. From projects making tea bags, the use of local bakers, upcycling and providing a platform for local artists and people to sell theur wares.

This is a PDI initiative that with the right incubation has the potential to lift a whole community out of meagerness.

For more information contact Clint Herwel 074 918 8922

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