Inner Space Yoga & Wellbeing 


Philippa offers both one-on-one and group yoga sessions for beginners and intermediate yoga students of all ages at various venues as well as beautiful outdoor locations in gorgeous Plettenberg Bay. Class variations include the use of music and dance to create unique atmospheres and spaces conducive to healing and growth. Philippa has been teacher trained at the famous Sanctuary resort and spa in Thailand by well-known and highly knowledgeable yoga therapist Shy Sayar.

Yoga offers successful results in flexibility, stress-relief, clarity of mind, core strength, posture correction, pain relief and improved balance.

When we feel spacious and clear inside we can move through life with more ease and grace, experiencing a lightness of being and overall sense of wellness and joy. Through practicing yoga regularly we dissolve unnecessary blockages and stress within, climb deeper into ourselves to embody all that we are, and consciously connect with our higher selves through committed focus and motion. When our inner space is shiny and bright, our outer space generally reflects the same!

“Thanks again for the yoga classes! For so long I wished there were regular classes with a good instructor here. What a brilliant addition to Plett this is! I travel a lot and go to classes all over the world, and can say that your classes are among the best. And they’ve been fun and friendly! Thanks so much and see you next time!” – Kitty Kennard (USA)

For BOOKINGS and more info Contact Philippa directly:

Mobile: +27834217085


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