Artists who are exhibiting at Milkwood Framing 

Published: June 15th, 2017

Milkwood Framing is hosting an exhibition of work by local artists during the Plett ARTS Festival which runs from 30 June to 22 July.

Artists who will be exhibiting at Milkwood Framing include:


Helen Mudge

helen-mudgeHelen Mudge lives in Keurboomstrand, near Plettenberg Bay. Her medium is usually gouache and acrylic on card; she then has the painting printed in full colour on heavy textured paper, and then paints again over the top.   This technique is quite original to her,  and allows her to  revisit her past paintings (which subjects are mostly very personal to her),  and paint over them – sometimes changing the painting quite a lot, sometimes not so much.  She doesn’t sell her original work.

She enjoys the highly decorative and colourful work of Matisse.

She lives simply with an emphasis on the natural world around us and the importance of its continuation through care and education.

She has exhibited locally in the Garden Route, and currently has work showing at The Seven Arches Gallery in Prince Albert as well as the Milkwood Framing and Gallery in Plettenberg Bay.


Quintin Gray – Earthscape Artist

Quintin GrayQuintin grew up in Cape Town, surrounded and inspired by the rich, unique beauty of mountains, sky and sea.  Quintin enjoyed art as a child and won a National award at the age of eight.  After his schooling he studied art at The Foundation School of Art, and graphic art at Hirt& Carter, Cape Town.  While looking for work in this field 22 years ago, Quintin began painting earnestly instead, and has been doing so professionally ever since.

Quintin paints land and seascapes and abstracts, using his preferred medium of acrylics.  He has a wide variety of work, and over the years developed a broad ability to render different styles within his personal methods and inventions.  His use of colour, texture and subject matter evoke a refreshing sense of peace. 

 “I am instinctively pulled in by the natural world whether it is mountains, forest, fynbos or sea because I feel it says what needs to be said.  Landscape and the natural environment are the unconditional setting against which our lives are supported, shaped and reflected, this is a wonderful gift to us.  I believe that creation is speaking a language of its own and I am inspired to give it expression.”

Quintin has spent time painting in Ireland, exploring the rich beauty of the Donegal landscapes.  His work has been well received there, and he was honoured to be invited to exhibit work on the “An t’Earagail” Exhibition which was on show in Donegal and travelled to Belfast.  He also undertook an art residency in the area during this time. He was able to explore the connection between his expression, heritage and language.  “The Irish landscape and the people had an enormous impact on me, something I will be exploring for a long time.”

From a young age the Garden Route; with its astounding variety and beauty, has been a major source of inspiration for Quintin and he has now settled in the area with his family.

Quintin has exhibited in many galleries in and around Cape Town, Johannesburg, Australia and Ireland.  He has held a number of solo exhibitions over the years and produced a wide range of works, which have been sold to clients from all over the world.

He is currently back in South Africa, where he continues to develop his Irish pieces and ideas and can’t wait to return to Ireland!


Ilse Kruger

Ilse Kruger is a local artist, living in Nature’s Valley.  She work primarily in acrylics and oils.  Her key themes are the sea and the forest.  She draws a lot of inspiration from the nature around her.  Since living in Nature’s Valley she has organised annual art exhibitions in the Community Hall.  For the past years it has become a favourite item in die December holiday calender.

She comes from Pretoria where she participated in a number of group and solo exhibitions.  In her forest scene, she likes to use organic materials like twigs and leaves to make interesting textures  in her paintings.

She likes her viewer to experience the peace and beauty of our area.  Doing art is a way of keeping a diary of your life.


Jonathan Davis

Jonathan DavisI studied graphic design in the seventies and worked for many years in publishing and advertising before becoming a freelance designer, illustrator and cartoonist. I have always had a love for fine art too. I was a member and an associate of the Watercolour Society of South Africa for many years before moving down to Plett. I have participated in any number of exhibitions over the years– at The Old Gaol Gallery in Knysna, Vernisage in Plett as well as the Knysna Arts Festival – to name a few.

My art reflects my delight in the rich complexity of the visual world and in my eye for detail. A pair of weathered, peeling window shutters has, for me, all of the appeal of an abstract expressionist work, with colours and textures that are full of surprises. I am particularly drawn to man-made subjects that have decayed with time and the elements, the everyday objects easily overlooked by a busy world.




Jeanne Marie Lodewyks

Jeanne Marie LodewyksJeanne Marie Lodewyks was born an artist in 1977 and raised as one by her like-minded, creatively inspired and talented family. She fondly refers to her mom as her greatest mentor in fine arts, and her granddad as the one who instilled a deep love and appreciation for sculpting. This medium (wax and clay to casting in bronze) Jeanne Marie loves to work in today as it allows her to not just collaborate with and learn from other brilliant artists, but reinvent and explore with different textures and techniques that are unique to her.

In her sculptures, Jeanne Marie captures the most intimate detail and intricacies of the human mind and soul as well as nature – the inspiration behind every piece she creates. Oil paintings she exhibits at art galleries and at Crane’s Nest Guesthouses and Spa, amongst others. Besides her own work she does commission work and loves to do portraits and various themes.

Jeanne Marie, who studied graphic design after she matriculated from the National School of the Arts in 1995, where she was also entered into an international art competition that took place in Taiwan and won the golden medal award, currently lives with her husband and two beautiful children in Plettenberg Bay, where she specialises in sculpting, her biggest passion.


Audrey Harvey

audrey harveyFrom Zululand/Natal
Recently moved to Plettenberg Bay
Had work chosen for “Art South Africa today”
(Durban Art Gallery.. Clement Greenberg Art Critic from America)
Work sold at the exhibition.
New Signature,sExhibition.
Design chosen..for the South African Design Competition
for Moorcroft in the U.K……
Work selected for Department of Arts and Culture
celebrating women: achievements.progress and lasting legacy
Have exhibited at several previous exhibitions..
Self taught.




Stephen Rosin

stephen rosinRosin was born into the turmoil of the Bush war in Rhodesia in 1975.

He graduated cum laude with a degree in Fine Art from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in 1999 and was the 2009 winner of the prestigious Barclays l’Atelier art competition.

His artistic practice is characterized by a conceptual approach to issues involving Globalization, the Central Banking system, the Superstition that he believes is Government, and the staged-show that surrounds it all. He sees his work as a vehicle for exposing this ‘show’ as the spectacle that it is and the viewer’s voyeuristic role as spectator and participant.

His work is held in the First National Bank, Sasol, Telkom and Absa corporate art collections, as well as in the permanent collections of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum and the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

He currently lives and works in the Crags in the Western Cape.



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