Become a ‘Friend of the Festival’ at Plett Rage 2018 

Published: September 10th, 2018

‘This will be our 4th Rage as a ‘Friend of the Festival’, allowing us to provide promotion’s directly to ‘Ragers’ from our outlet. With our distinctive brand, the location and value for money for the visitors to the event, we create a win/ win situation. Plett is a small holiday town that only really gets going from the end of November to the end of April, so any marketing initiative to bring in extra business is welcome.’

Mugg & Bean are just one of several local businesses that have, over the years, participated and benefited from being a in the ‘Friends of the Festival’ program. And the scheme is open to all companies in Plett.

Plett Rage Student Festival

I spoke with Daron Smit, owner of The Worx, who manage and implement all aspects of Rage ’18 on the ground here in the town, including ‘Friends of the Festival’. He told us, ‘As many will know, Plett Rage is South Africa’s largest and longest running student festival enjoyed by school-leavers and university students who descend on our town to enjoy the delights of one of South Africa’s premier seaside locations for post exam celebrations. What many may not know, or have yet to explore, is that local businesses can align themselves with the event through the ‘Friends of the Festival’ partnership, get direct promotional access to the students and reap some terrific rewards. We anticipate an estimated 8 500 students will move through the town for the 8-day festival this year.’

So, what is the ‘Friends of the Festival’ program? Daron told us, ‘‘Friends of the Festival’ is a benefits program designed to help and grow local commerce and trade by encouraging students to support local business in Plettenberg Bay. Each student will receive a booklet which will include vouchers and discounts to use at local businesses in Plett during the festival period. A Plett Rage Partner is a company that becomes part of the ‘Friends of the Festival’ program, offering vouchers and discounts from their respective company. It’s open to all and we are happy to discuss the detail with anyone who is interested.

‘The feedback that we have had from partners in the past has been great. It seems once a ‘Friend of the Festival’, always a ‘Friend of the Festival’ and we are now looking to partner with more local businesses to increase the offerings available to our Rage visitors. Many previous ‘Friends of the Festival’ partners have felt the benefits of interacting with thousands of young adults in an environment that reflects the personality and values of their brand. This an ideal platform for businesses to generate awareness, increase revenues and create favourable brand perceptions with the target market typically associated with Plett Rage.

‘In addition, each ‘Friend of the Festival’ will be given considerable media and promotional coverage including; the opportunity to be listed on our website as an official ‘Friends of the Festival’ partner; mentioned on all social media platforms via scheduled and targeted posts; sticker for each Friend of the Festival partner’s shop window, so all those attending the festival are aware of the contribution your company makes to the festival, and of how much you value the business of attending Ragers; video content will be filmed with many of the outlets featured which would then be used for the 2019 content to amplify sales; activation at the community hall registration giving post event marketing value as well.’

The Worx team is waiting on stand-by for your call, or email, so you can find out more. Full contact details can be found below. Call us today and let us tell you how you can be come a ‘Friend of the Festival’ at this years Plett Rage Student Festival 2018.

For info contact Daron Smit, Andy Smit or Louise Whitehead at The Worx on 044 533 0816. Alternatively you can send an email to them on, or .

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