Birder’s blog about Plett 

Published: August 6th, 2018

If you’re into birding, especially of the wetland kind, “birding along the Bitou River floodplain is brilliant” says blog writer Anton of BirdLife Overberg in this piece about his visit to the area in 2015.


The Bitou River floodplain lies along the R340 between Plett and Uniondale. The floodplain offers limitless birding potential as vast numbers of waterbirds, waders and species associated with thickets and forest habitats are found in the same area. From a birding perspective it is unfortunate that most of the floodplain lies on privately owned land and that there are very few safe spots to park when trying to bird along the R340. Extreme caution is advised, as vehicles often travel along this road at high speed. Privately owned land can only be accessed with the permission of owners. 

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