Cemair AMO suspension lifted 

Published: February 26th, 2018

CemAir has had its AMO suspension lifted after completing the SA CAA's 5 step certification process.

CemAir has had its AMO suspension lifted after completing the SA CAA’s 5 step certification process.

The SA Civil Aviation Authority has lifted its suspension of CemAir’s Aircraft Maintenance Organisation.

The authority said in a statement that this followed CemAir’s successful completion of a five-phase certification process that included, among others, document evaluation and demonstration phases.

However, the airline’s 12 aircraft are yet to be declared airworthy by the SACAA and released back into service.

“This also means that CemAir is now in a position to hopefully speed up the process of getting more of its aircraft ready for inspection by SACAA officials. The aircraft will be released back into operation once they are certified as airworthy,” the authority said.

In a statement, CemAir said SACAA had lifted the grounding of CemAir’s Dash-8 Q400 aircraft, adding that the airline would be operating the aircraft on selected domestic routes. It said the newest addition to its fleet, the 90-seat CRJ900, was also due for imminent release.

“I wish to thank our customers for their patience and their loyalty. I am sorry that we have let you down during this period,” said Miles van der Molen, ceo of CemAir. We are working hard to return to full capacity within the next two weeks and, in the interim, where possible, chartering third-party aircraft to enhance capacity.”

SACAA also noted that the operator had put in place measures that sought to enable it to fulfill its obligations to its customers. 

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