ASTEROIDES by Carol Sachs

Artists in Plett

Artists who will be exhibiting during the Platt MAD Festival in June/July 2016. 


Carol Sachs

Quinn Workshop Carol Sachs

Carol Sachs

My figure drawing is unfettered by the conventions of traditional art school.  I work intuitively capturing gesture, exaggerating form, at times using surreal perspective. My painting reflects my deep concern with the state of our Planet and where we are heading as humankind.  To me painting is a sublime synthesis of technical ability whilst reveling in the delight of the medium and allowing the evolving work to take it’s own direction. In the words of an art critic …  

 “There is an intensity of purpose in Carol’s drawing.  Her figures have an edgy, ironic energy and she obviously takes delight in life drawing.  The studies are earthy, real and very human, celebrating the body in all its beauty and absurdity.  The variety, honesty and professionalism of Carol Sachs’ work is beyond question.  Abstract insights are brought to life in vivid pastel, oils, acrylic, charcoal and mixed media producing memorable images which will engage your mind and invite your interaction. “Knysna Plett Herald May 2011


Hidden treasures of creativity in Plettenberg Bay

ASTEROIDES by Carol Sachs

ASTEROIDES by Carol Sachs

Visit  Carol Sachs Art Matters  studio and gallery located in the home of retired architect Feo Sachs.  Here the vibrant contemporary spaces are filled with the creativity of not only Carol, but husband Feo’s zany 3D constructions of found objects which are a delight to behold.  Over coffee and a rusk you can browse through Feo’s 3 books of serio-comic verse and debate with him the incon-sistencies and vagaries of the English language. 

If semantics don’t grab you, turn to the Art Gallery and studio and discuss with Carol her work for sale and work in progress.   If you are up for a bargain you may  dig deeper into the archived works which abound.        

Carol Sachs Art Matters
45 Hanois Crescent
Plettenberg Bay
Cell: 082 798 7907
Tel: 044 533 1989



Terry Zoeller

Terry Zoeller art in Plett

Terry Zoeller

Terry Zoeller has studied at the Johannesburg Arts Foundation and taken part in many workshops and courses, most recently with artist Greg Kerr. She has exhibited in group shows in Rustenburg, the town of her birth and Plettenberg Bay.

Terry Zoeller's art

Terry Zoeller’s art

Terry works in charcoal, pastels, acrylics and oils and collage media. A variation of these media is explored in a diversity of approach and theme.

She has recently been involved in a group concept show with four other artists. Fragmentation was investigated in various art forms on many levels. The current times show how our lives have evolved into a fragmented state and that change that emerges can result in a positive outcome.

Terry teaches art to young students and beginner adults in her studio. At present she is in the process of developing existing pieces in a new exploratory way. 

Terry welcomes any MAD enthusiasts who would like to visit her at her studio during the MAD festival by appointment.

Terry Zoeller
35 Hanois Crescent




Caroline Fine

Caro Fine art in Plett My name is Caroline Fine , a local of This Paradise Which Is PLETT!!

Art and creativity of almost any kind have been my passion for ever!  I paint, mostly oil on canvas, draw charcoal on paper , pencil, pastel and mixed media and collage.

Caro Fine art in PlettI also love sculpting in porcelain,   mainly the female form semi-abstract small pieces.  My sterling silver pieces are original designs hand made in my stuio at my home!  I sell these from my studio where I enjoy having visitor looking at my work doing special individusl pieces “made with love Especially for you”!!!  I also have my work displayed  at Africa Nova and Kalk Bay Modern in Cape Town and Kim Sack’s Gallery in Johannesberg.

My paintings,sculptures and silver Pieces have also been on display at the Vernisage Exhibitions,  at Myfanwy Bekker’s Studio and Old Nick’s  in Plettenberg Bay. 

Before coming to Plett I took took part in exhibitions at the Hyde Park Shopping Centre , Johannesberg,  my Silver Pieces have been on exhibition at RAU University , the National Art Gallery Pretoria and I have had numerous home exhibitions in my studio. My paintings,  sculptures and Silver Pieces have found homes in America, U.K. Australia, Germany ,France and Luxembourg .

To view by appointment  please call me on my mobile  083 654 5166.
28 Jument Drive,
Plettenberg Bay





Myfanwy Bekker

muffin bekker art studio, plettI have come through a long history of image and object making, to abstract expressionism, however I use other genres, depending on the intent. It is however, in abstract expressionism that I am able to work with easy integrity.

I make work with a dedicated conscious intent to express that which is in me, or coming through me, that I could not express or even think of, whilst in a normal everyday state of being. It is a pure and spontaneous record of marks revealing the emotional, intellectual and spiritual states of being at the time of the work. I shift gears to get to the safe and familiar place of an altered state, and then I can engage in the process.

The purer one is in the process, the more intelligently the work will speak. I am also interested in the energetic frequency that is carried from artist’s hand to the the actual object on which they work, and then I am in process of measuring the energetic force that is given off by the work to the viewer, an ongoing fascinating quest.

I have had a rich and varied American art life. I have had several one person shows and numerous group shows, and am now back living in South Africa , where I originally went to high school and art college. In South Africa I have had a one person show at T. Read’s Knysna Fine Art Gallery. My work is collected by corporate and privates in the United States, Europe and South Africa.

I have been involved in the Site Specific land art series in Plettenberg Bay, gathering the local artists to participate, and assisting the team. I created the life drawing classes and facilitated the Vernissage shows in Plettenberg Bay, which have now spread around well.

I appreciate your interest in the work.

Plettenberg Bay
Western Cape
South Africa

Tel: +27 (0) 44 533 4971