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Mel Botes – Oomblik van Waansin 

Child Friendly Credit Card Facility Restaurant / Bar facility

Event Date: 27 April, 2018

Mel Botes’s Award Winning Album re-release Oomblik van Waansin takes place at The Barnyard in Plett on 27 April 2018.

Date: 27 April 2018
Time: 20h00
Doors open: 18h30





Mel is obviously a fan of Pink Floyd. The first clue is the title of this debut solo CD from the man behind the epic ‘About Time’ by David’s Confession released in 1999. ‘Oomblik Van Waansin’ loosely translated means “A Moment of Madness” or could even mean “A Momentary Lapse Of Reason” (sound familiar?). The next clue is the CD cover (don’t worry we will get to the music soon… it’s worth waiting for). A sad man (Mel himself) sits on a hospital bed (or maybe its an army one) in the middle of the veldt and in the background stands a man surrounded by a flock of birds. Take a look at the ‘Delicate Sound Of Thunder’ and ‘Momentary Lapse’ covers again… get the picture? 

This is a very difficult CD to review, not because it isn’t superb, but because the usual “Brian Currin’s beginner’s guide to CD reviews” fails dismally. To say that Mel sounds like Pink Floyd meets Dire Straits in Piet Botha’s lounge, though accurate, just does not do justice to this incredibly unique and powerful album. 

‘As’ (Afrikaans for ‘If’) was the winning entry in the contemporary category of last year’s Beeld/ Geraas and Janus Musiek’s “Vuurdoopliedjiewedstryd” (Baptism of Fire Song Competition). ‘Stormsee’ (Storm Sea) is a stand-out track, with backing voices by Anna Davel and Jolette Odendaal, on an album of truly great songs. Mel is ably supported throughout by Clinton Waring on piano, Vinnie Henrico on drums and bassist Leon Ecroignard. Guitarist extraordinoire Mauritz Lotz duets with Mel on the closing track, an instrumental take on ‘As’.

The beginner’s guide to CD reviews has the following words listed: superb, brilliant, wonderful, great, epic, incredible and powerful with the instructions that only two may be used in any one review. Now what to I do? OK, I give up… buy the album and find your own synonyms for this timeless masterpiece. 

Brian Currin, August 2001


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