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Koos Kombuis & Tim Hopwood at Plett SunSets 

Child Friendly Restaurant / Bar facility

Event Date: 06 July, 2018

quicket-book-nowKoos Kombuis will perform live at Plett SunSets on Fri 6 July at Plett Surf Lifesaving Club.

Tim Hopwood will open at 4pm, with Koos starting his performance at 4:40 pm.

Date: Friday 6th July
Time: 4pm – 6pm
Venue: Plett Surf Lifesaving Club
Entry: R100.00 advance bookings at Plett Tourism office and online | R120.00 at the door
Refreshments: Cash bar

Koos Kombuis is the stage and pen name for Andre le Roux Du Toit. His childhood nickname was “Koos”, also Afrikaans slang for a chamber pot. Kombuis means “Kitchen”.

Du Toit started out as a poet and novelist in the early 1980s writing under the name André Letoit, a non-intentional anagram for “toilet”, but wanting something more colloquial-sounding for his musical career, settled on Koos Kombuis.

He introduced an A (for Andre) to his stage name, becoming Koos A. Kombuis. He claims the fact that the acronym of this stage name, K.A.K, is purely coincidental.

Koos Kombuis became famous as part of a group of anti-establishment maverick Afrikaans musicians, who, under the collective name of Voëlvry (directly translated meaning “Free as a bird”; in Afrikaans “voëlvry” is synonymous with the words “fugitive” and “outlaw”), toured campuses across South Africa in the 1980s, to “liberate Afrikaans from the shackles of its past”. Fellow musicians of this movement were Johannes Kerkorrel and Bernoldus Niemand (James Phillips).

They were a new generation Afrikaner who didn’t believe in apartheid and didn’t toe the ruling National Party line. Kombuis is an icon among the alternate Afrikaners and other South Africans who consider him the father of non-conformist Afrikaans culture.





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