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World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 

Event Date: 28 April, 2018

World Tai Chi & Oigong DayWorld Tai Chi & Qigong Day….. one world, one breath is a global event. It is observed at 10am on the last Saturday of April in each time zone of the globe. Students of Tai Chi Chuan & Qigong meet up to practice this ancient martial art.

Qigong translates as “energy movements” and Tai Chi Chuan is best expressed as “supreme ultimate fist”. These are internal martial Arts where the student focus is on balance ~ physical balance that enhances mental balance.

Qigong are individual exercises that energize the body & stimulate harmonious energy flow. Tai Chi Chuan is a set of Qigong type exercises practiced together as a Form. Movements of the Tai Chi Chuan Forms have martial art applications.


The event is:

  1. Global event bringing participants in each time zone together.
  2. Opportunity to embody the awareness that we are “one world one breath”
  3. Participate in a mass event for health & healing
  4. An experience of the world around you that decreases stress, enhancing relaxation.
  5. Available to all including beginners


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