An interview with Plett Food & Film celebrity chef, Jenny Morris 

Published: June 19th, 2017

South African chef, Jenny Morris AKA the Giggling Gourmet, will be our guest chef for the third night of Plett Food & Film at the Plett ARTS Festival. The Casablanca evening, which will screen the Academy Award-winning, Casablanca paired with a magnificent feast filled with the aromatic and unique flavours of Morocco. 

 Jenny Morris will feature at Plett Food and Film

Jenny Morris, author, radio and TV presenter, celebrity chef, teacher and caterer will be preparing this compelling feast coupled with three sublime Plett bubblies from Bramon, Plettenvale and Packwood, the fabulous Beefeater London Gin and entertainment provided by acclaimed musician, Martin Wolfaardt as our very own Sam.


We chatted to Jenny Morris about all things foodie…


What do you think the goal of a cooking demonstration/show should be?

It should educate as well as entertain, it should be punchy and tasty.


What distinguishes you from other celebrity chefs?

I like to be as original as possible. 


 Plett Food & Film


What’s your advice to home cooks in South Africa? 

To be adventurous and try new ingredients, no matter how strange you might think they are; to be in tune with the seasons as much as you can because that is when produce is at its best, don’t over-engineer your dishes, keep them simple fresh and tasty.


What are some of the best recipes you’ve made during a live demonstration and why? 

I love to demonstrate salads, I believe a salad is not just a pile of leaves, salads are my forte. My Restaurant Yumcious in Cape Town specialises in Salads.


What is the worst experience you’ve had during a live demonstration? Any disasters?

Haaaaa- haaaaaa- Haaaa! It has to be the Christmas demonstration I did in Namibia many years ago, I was demonstrating a carrot cake and got all the ladies to help with it, it went into the oven and I  carried on with the other dishes, the kitchen smelt delicious from the baking cake and everyone asked when it would be ready, we kept checking but the cake wouldn’t rise, we discovered that we had left out the flour. Fortunately, I had baked and iced a few upfront as one does, a good laugh was had by all.


Plett Food & Film Casablanca movie


What do you forecast as a new “foodie trend” for 2018?

It might be a little too early to say, but the appetite for fermented foods , craft gins, beers, and other spirits is growing and here to stay.

Artisanal foods are on the up.

Seaweed as the new kale won’t be going anywhere soon and will certainly be around for a long time.


If you could prepare a dinner party for any 5 people in the world, who would you choose and why?

It would have to be a musical affair so I would invite Beth Heart, Hugh Laurie, ,Etta James, Freddie Mercury and my husband David to make sure I behaved myself around Hugh Laurie.




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