A father and son eating pizza at a restaurant in Plett

Benefits of Membership

Plett Tourism offers great value to its members. Some of the benefits are immediate, others will materialise over time. Benefits include:

  • Booking Enquiries and preference for accommodation promotion for associate members only.
  • Promotion of ‘Specials’ on Plett Tourism website and digital media platforms for associate members only.
  • Discounted rates and preference for media positioning across select marketing platforms (magazines, e-newsletters, website and social media) with Plett Tourism for associate members only. View rates here.
  • Membership rates and preferential access to Plett Tourism workshops and business functions for associate members only.
  • Contribution to making Plett a premier tourism destination: We value your input and offer an open-door policy for new ideas and ventures; assisting with key information when and where possible.
  • Development of new Plett out-of-season experiences: Your experience and expertise in the tourism industry will assist us with targeting new and exciting opportunities for visitors. We encourage an open-line of communication with our team to get these new products the exposure they need.
  • Free access to marketing and tourism data as it is developed.
  • Recognition as a Plett Tourism Member on all our media platforms.
  • Voting at the AGM to elect Board Members and influence policy (this is for bona-fida Plett Tourism associate members only.

To apply for membership with Plett Tourism, either: