Plett at Tourism Roadshow in the Netherlands 

Published: January 26th, 2017

Plett Tourism has representation at the SA Tourism Dutch Roadshow in the Netherlands

Visit South Africa, Plettenberg BayLate last year towards the end of October, Plett Tourism was represented by Plett business women Lara Mostert and Natasha Lilford at the SA Tourism Dutch Roadshow in the Netherlands.

Plett Tourism was grateful for the opportunity to have a presence, particularly with two representatives passionate about Plett as a destination. Both had a primary responsibility to showcase and promote their respective businesses and clients, and at the same time placed Plett on a pedestal as the premier destination that it is.

Visit South Africa, Plettenberg Bay

With assistance from Plett Tourism, CemAir and The Plettenberg Hotel they were able to promote a competition targeted to tour operators which highlighted their stand and grew its popularity. With a powerful Plett presentation, stunning visuals and supporting documentation, Plett was primly positioned and we will continue our conversation with the many valuable contacts they developed during their trip. 

This week, Lara and Natasha head to the SA Tourism India Roadshow.


We will provide updates and will continue our engagement with the Dutch market and start conversations with the India market shortly after their return.

Click here to view the Plett video used at the SA Tourism Dutch Roadshow in the Netherlands

Click here to download Consumer Insights for the tourist from The Netherlands (as submitted by SA Tourism)



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