Plett Endangered Species Day 

Published: May 12th, 2017

Photo courtesy of Martin Hurwitz

Photo courtesy of Martin Hurwitz

On the 19th May 2017, Schools, Ecological companies, Biodiversity Conservationists and Wildlife Sanctuaries around Plettenberg Bay will take part in the annual International Endangered Species Day.

Endangered Species Day is a day that recognizes the importance of endangered species and is an occasion to educate the public on how to protect them and to highlight endangered and threatened species success stories.

Plettenberg Bay falls within the smallest, but most diverse biodiversity hot spots on the planet. Internationally recognized, Plett Hope Spot is a special marine conservation area that is critical to the health of the ocean. Not only is Plettenberg Bay home to many endangered indigenous species but our sanctuaries have given our National endangered species a home as well.

Protecting our Nations wildlife today is a legacy we leave to our children and grandchildren, so that all South Africans can experience the rich variety of species that helps to define our nation.

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