Some positive feedback we’d like to share 

Published: December 6th, 2014



Over the past 4 years we’ve had loads of positive feedback from our members, subscribers, visitors and followers, so we thought we’d share a few of their comments with you here…

Thank you for your support!

The Plett Tourism Team









What people say…



Plett is the Best. Been holidaying there for more than 30 years. AND ..AND… Your website is so beautiful and fresh.

Basil Smit 


Just a word of thanks and congrats on a great evening at the White House yesterday. Gill and I thought that the entire presentation and programming was inspired and excellently executed. Must be a feather in the cap of Plett Tourism or should I rather say:  Getting in touch with the Feeling in Plett!!

Francois Wolfaardt 


Please change our e-mail address from *** to ***  The Telkom address is being discontinued and we would hate to lose out on your news which we always read with great interest. 

Many thanks,
Mary-Ann Glynos


What a pleasant group of people to deal with… You Rock!

Dominic Morel
2Heads Advertising Agency 


A  reader’s comments about Newsletter #124

Just to tell you that I found this last issue SO interesting and attractive! The article on Robberg… such beautiful photos. The story about the Flamingos… so touching and moving. The report on the AGM… excellent… glad we were there. Your photo of the eclipse… first class and very informative. And all the other reports, advice… etc. AND…all for free !!

Well done… sure puts Plett on the map! :-D

Chris Morris
Plett Resident



Dear Ms Butterwoth

I wish to express my sincere gratitude for making this journey come through. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the management of CemAir for their commitment in supporting local entrepreneurship and promoting tourism.

Lastly I wish to convey a word of appreciation to the Tourism VA and Cindy in particular for her continued support. I so wish that you and your team continue with the work that you doing. It is a matter of time when you will reap the fruits of your labour and when that day come and look back, that is when you’ll realize that changing lives is no overnight task and you will be proud of the inputs you’ve made in the lives of many in our beautiful town.

I got the ticket in good order and looking forward to my first flight with CemAir our own pride.

Thembinkosi Henge
WaRafiki Tshisa Nyama



I just wanted to thank all 3 of you for all your efforts. I am greatly impressed with Plett Tourism and Municipality! You are all fantastic. You are honestly making me think about relocating from Knysna to Plett!! 
Danni Wallace


I would like to compliment Plett Tourism on the splendid work they do. Plett has changed dramatically, for the better, in the past two to three years with many more social events taking place, mostly through the efforts of Plett Tourism. Well done everyone. Keep up the good work.
Caroline Clarke



Well done on an absolutely sensational show. We were blown away and absolutely thrilled with the success of the show. To see how much it has grown since last year is quite amazing. Well done and thank you for all the hard work.

Lauren Ritchie, RE Vineyards

 (about the Sasfin Plett Wine & Bubbly Festival)


Facebook comments about the Plett Food Film Festival…


“Wonderful times, glad I was part of some of them thank you love to you all”
Bertha Ollemans

“Well done delish food and great wine !!”
Rosie Deans

“We had a fabulous time!!!!”
Sharon Malan

“A great evening with great memories created! Thanks to everyone for their support!”
Leon Coetzee Executive Chef, Kurland Hotel 

“Amazing….it was a night to remember.”
Cindy Wilson-Trollip 

“#PlettMAD loved it!”
Elle Redman

“A Year in Burgundy’ is a movie that will make you fall in love with wine all over again. Well done #plettMAD for a fantastic evening!”
Food 24

“Welcome to #PlettMAD. Delicious Film Compelling Food.”
Lika Berning

I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with all the promoting you are doing for Plett.  I love reading your magazine and I think you are all doing the most amazing job.  Well Done.
Vanessa Hickey

Just wanted to let you know that we had a fabulous evening last night at the Festival – a really great night out. The Whitehouse was packed with a hugely enthusiastic audience who revelled in the movie, the food and the entertainment. Reza was also a huge hit and he ‘worked’ the room all evening – when he wasn’t rolling his sleeves up and getting stuck in with the catering – amazing! All involved can be justifiably proud – a great success all round!
Peter McKenzie

I’ve always been content with G-town National Arts Festival. It is time for change.
Sizwe Saliso

More Plett cleverness!
Oyster Beach House

Sifiso Lupuzi, proud of you guys! 
Fundi Tyumre

 Looks fantastic! Congratulations to all involved! Wish I was there!
Karien Van Deventer

 A great evening with great memories created. Thanks to everyone for their support!
Leon Coetzee

 We had a fabulous time!!!!
Sharon Malan

 All looking lovely!!
Eileen Covarr

A most enjoyable evening – thank you.
Joan Ridley Holmes

Well done. Delish food and great wine.
Rosie Deans


I absolutely applaud Plett Tourism and the way they have put Plett back on track. Knysna and Plett are indeed SA’s best playground (after Cape Town), offering a wonderful lifestyle, and not plagued by insecurities and other big city syndromes.

Ling Dobson
Owner, Pam Golding Properties Knysna


What a super newsletter. Thanks.

Gloria Strack


As an absentee homeowner with a gorgeous house that we get to quite a lot, can I just congratulate you all again on a really good ‘promotional newsletter’. Content and appearance is excellent.  I am sure you are succeeding wonderfully in getting the activity-minded tourists in and giving fresh ideas on what Plett has to offer. Hope it is getting huge circulation. All the best.

Diarmuid Baigrie


This is a great newsletter – you nailed it, well done!

Mary Jane Waite, At The Source


We were fortunate enough to spend three weeks over Christmas and New Year in Plett and not once in my 22 years in South Africa have I been so deeply impressed by a community as yours… that teamwork is taking place between residents and municipality, to make Plett a special place and to cherish and treasure what nature has given to this amazing part of South Africa. Read the full letter here

Monika Rowe


The Plett Tourism Association has done a wonderful job in 2014 and one can feel the exciting vibe in Plett with many new events taking place, and in the pipeline. Plett’s new slogan is “It’s A Feeling!”, and you will undoubtedly experience it… read more

Chas Everitt Plett


Super newsletter, thanks,

Gloria, Plettenvale Wines


WELL DONE – you guys have been amazing. Bramon appreciates you all SO MUCH!!!!! 

Caroline, Bramon Wines


Dear Peter,

Just to say you and your team have done a fantastic job this year.

Here’s to an even greater 2015.

Yours ever,

Robin Pelham-Reid


Thank you my darling Patty/Pete and Plett Tourism – you are such rock stars Plett Tourism …SUCH a difference WOW!!!!!

Thanks so much for the back up, help and attention you give the winelands. BRAMON LOVES YOU. We have done everything alone for so long and all this help is just stunning. 

You guys do everything so beautifully – thank you for helping Plett look great and professional. WELL DONE. xxxx”

Caroline, Bramon Wines


“Hi Patty,  I think the festival was a huge success and am sure you’re proud of how it turned out – I can imagine the amount of effort and co-ordination that goes into planning an event of this stature.  Congratulations to all of you on an awesome event and thanks you again for the prize which was greatly appreciated!!!”

Ian Swart, Ian Swart Architects (Winner of the Breakaways Competition)


“CONGRATULATIONS – what a great website!”

Enya Fehler, 113 on Robberg


“I want to congratulate you on the wonderful work and the great new look of the website I have just explored the entire site and think it is quite amazing. Very well done on leading the team to new heights.”

Felicity Cross


“Congratulations!  This is a beautiful website.”

Claire Minnitt


“Your work on Plett – It’s a feeling is super.  I love getting all the news of coming events and you do it so well.”

June and Chris Morris, Residents


“Well done! I am seriously impressed.”

Christa, Christiana Lodge


“Congrats to all concerned with the new website – it really does Plett proud and will be of enormous benefit to our visitors – and locals! Looks really stunning – well done indeed!”

Peter McKenzie


“Plett really has a fantastic website. Thanx to whoever was the brain, organised it and those who maintain it and those with the ideas.”

Basil Smith


“Well done everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy to see this action in Plett… how wonderful to have this so professionally done!! YAHOOOOOOOOO.”

Nadia Burger 


“Well done Plett Tourism!! Looks awesome!”

Trevor Niksch, AV Design


“Well done Plett Tourism for all your enthusiastic initiatives to keep Plett on the map and in peoples minds. I like the new logo too, just a simple plett in lower case works well! Well done and good luck!”

Charlotte Ford, Resident


“Beautiful new website – congratulations!!!!”

Debbie Fermor, Hog Hollow Horse Trails


“Truly impressed with the email quality and the creative innovation in Plett.”

Mike Fihrer



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The Plett Tourism Team

Just to tell you that I found this last issue SO interesting and attractive !

The article on Robberg...such beautiful photos.

The story about the touching and moving .

The report on the meeting ...excellent...glad we were there.

Your photo of the eclipse..first class and very informative .

And all the other reports, advice...etc.

AND...all for free !!

Well done...sure puts us on the map! :-D

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