Putting the ‘Trust’ in Plett Rage 

Published: September 2nd, 2018

rage news safety firstWith the huge influx of matriculants expected to converge on Plettenberg Bay in the 1st week of December for the 2018 edition of the Plett Student Rage Festival, one of the primary objectives of the organisers and associated committee’s is to ensure that our visitors and residents are kept safe and secure at all times. The concoction of large groups of excitable teens, sunshine, fun and fair drop of alcohol means that the safety and security effort needs to be on point, 24/7. It’s a massive challenge but one that is taken very seriously by all concerned. So much so that a new committee has been formed in 2018 called Rage Trust, and I spoke to the trusts leading figure and PBCPA Chairman, Bruce Richardson, about the role of the Rage Trust, PBCPA and all other associated entities that are tasked with ensuring that our guests arrive and leave in one piece.

Bruce told us, ‘The Rage Trust is a new initiative in 2018. The idea is to allocate a certain amount from the sale of each Rage Pass to the trust which will be a separate organisation from the Plett Rage event organisers. My role is to facilitate the drafting and registration of the trust and to invite certain leading figures representing different interest group to become trustees in order to ensure a wide consultative process takes place regarding the use of the resultant fund. Henceforth this will be a permanent feature of the Plett Rage as its way of contributing towards the betterment of the community that places host to the Rage.’

Historically the law enforcement agencies in Plett have enjoyed an excellent reputation for keeping the students visiting Plett safe and secure. This has been achieved by a team who have a detailed plan of action;know where to be and when to be there;know what activities they need to undertake and how to achieve desired outcomes;can be relied upon to adhere to, execute and generally facilitate the overall safety plan pertaining to the students. Co-ordinating this joint effort is PBCPA – Plettenberg Bay Crime Prevention Association – and Bruce gave us some insight to the sum of this associations parts.

PBCPA-1‘The PBCPA is the Plettenberg Bay Crime Prevention Association of which I am chairman. It is a non-profit Voluntary association governed by a constitution and was formed about 8 years ago to bring all law enforcement and interested organisations together to work jointly to combat and prevent criminal activity. It comprises a number of security companies, SAPS, Municipal Law Enforcement (MLE), the Ratepayers Association, the Business Chamber, all neighbourhood watches in the Bitou area, a number of residents associations from various residential areas and estates, Bitou Disaster Management and we work closely with the NSRI as an affiliated organisation. The PBCPA has been successful in reducing criminal activity in our area by approximately 70% and continues to build capacity. We have been involved in coordinating the security for the Plett Rage over the past 6 years during which time there have been no serious criminal incidents involving students being harmed in any way.

‘It is essential that all the key organisations participate in the overall planning process and then follow through on their agreed, respective responsibilities. Any failing from any sector in this coordinated effort could have dire consequences, so working together under the PBCPA umbrella means that inter-organisational communications are strong, issues can be swiftly addressed and any gaps in the overall security of the students are filled. It’s worked incredibly well for the last 6 Rage events that we have been involved with and with the introduction of the trust, is set to develop still further over the course of this year’s event, and into the future.’

‘It’s important to stress how seriously we take the responsibility to keep the students safe whilst in our town. By formulating a common strategy involving all role players to deal with any potential threats and a system of comprehensive patrolling to monitor all student movement, we will ensure students return to their accommodation establishments at the end of the evening’s entertainment, unscathed.’

The subject of security and safety around Plett Rage is one often raised but rarely comprehensively answered so it’s reassuring to know that the security of the residents of our town, as well as the students that attend Rage, are in such good hands. If you have any questions relating to the Rage Trust, PBCPA or any issue relating to safety and security around Plett and Rage then please leave a comment/ question below and we’ll make sure it gets to the right people who can answer.

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