Ready, steady, Plett 

Published: December 26th, 2017

A holiday in Plett requires meticulous planning. Here are 5 ways to make sure you’re ready to rock.

As anyone who doesn’t live in a cave on Table Mountain knows, Plett is the Hamptons of South Africa. And, as any girl worth her Kalahari salt understands, when you are headed here for your summer break you don’t just throw a few old t-shirts into a bag. No, siree.

This holiday of fabulosity requires planning to the last, meticulous detail. Because, since St Barts became tres last decade, who knows what movie star-types might be hanging out on Robberg 5? You need to be fit, fabulous and frighteningly fashionable. Here’s how to make sure your Plett shindig goes down in history.

Lazy afternoons at the pool

1. Put Your Best Butt Forward

So, really, getting ‘beach ready’ means nothing more than putting on your favourite bikini and a lot of SPF. At the same time, it’s a true story that when you’re feeling healthy and strong and in touch with your body everything is better. This has nothing to do with losing weight or attaining some silly ideal which involves living on leaves, but it does mean putting in a bit of effort to be your best self. The thing is, our bodies were designed to move and, when you get your heart pumping and build up a bit of a sweat on a regular basis, the endorphins that flood your system feel better than a shot of tequila. Cycle, run, dance – do whatever you enjoy. But do it often and with enough intensity to make a difference to your body, your mind and your health. When you’re lying there and Zac Efron saunters over and talks to you in American you’ll be happy for all that planking.

2. Get Drinking Fit

Drinking too much alcohol is stupid, we’re all aware of that. However, there’s no getting around the fact that beach holidays are synonymous with long, pretty cocktails and glasses of cold, sunset-coloured rose somewhere with a view. And, the healthier and more in shape you are, the better your body is able to cope with the aftereffects of a night out if you do happen to let your beautifully balayaged hair down. So, since you know that for the next while you’re going to be eschewing kale smoothies in favour of colourful drinks with umbrellas, use the weeks leading up to your holiday to be really focused on health and wellness. If you arrive in tip-top physical shape, your liver will be better equipped to metabolise the by-products of all those daiquiris. So, in the preceding weeks, detoxify your system by eating loads of fruit and green, leafy veggies. Remember: the more vibrant the colours, the better they are for you. And pack a box of milk thistle tablets to take before and after a night out. They’re good at helping your liver do its job.

3. Glimmer and Glow

Whatever your skin tone, glimmer is a go. This is the time to invest in a gorgeous shimmering body lotion that will catch the light and make you sparkle like the goddess you are. There’s no doubt you’re going to be showing off kilometers of skin, so make sure you’re smooth, polished and buffed to within an inch of your life. And dealing with unwanted body hair is a major holiday buzz kill, so book your wax long in advance and rock those short shorts, sista.

4. Delectable Digits

No girlfriend can feel groomed with untrimmed tootsies. You’re going to be barefoot and in sandals 24/7 so make sure your feet look as preened and polished as the rest of you. And this is not the time for DIY. The professionals just do it better. A useful girly tip: while a pedi can stay fresh for up to three weeks if it’s done right, manis tend to chip after a few days, simply because we use our hands so much. So, colour-wise, the sky’s the limit when it comes to your toes, and pastels and neons are still big this season. But, when it comes to your hands, for the sake of longevity, it’s a smart idea to stick with pale or neutral shades. That way, a small chip won’t spell disaster and you can patch it up yourself.

5. Pack Like a Pro

We know you want to take all 17 pairs of wedges with you, and you’re feeling the sep angst as you gaze at them sadly. But looking amazing on your holiday is about quality, not quantity and packing properly is an art you need to learn sooner rather than later. A lot of daywear items can be taken into night: pair a sun-dress with heels and earrings and nobody will know you wore it all day on the beach; the same goes for caftans and denim shorts. A sparkly top and a few bracelets and you’re good to go clubbing. When it comes to beach breaks, less really is more. And Plett, as we know, has its overcast moments so layering is the way to go: if the day grows a bit chilly, throws, scarves and light, summer ponchos can all look terribly fabulous. And when you’re digging into a platter of juicy prawns and sipping cold champagne while the sun sets on another magnificent day and Zac Efron raises his glass to you and his new favourite holiday destination… well, fabulous is the look we’re going for.



Susan Hayden is a freelance writer and editor and founder of the very successful blog, Disco Pants and a Mountain. She lives in Cape Town with her husband and two daughters.


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