Rehabilitated African Penguins released in Plett 

Published: June 12th, 2017

Five rehabilitated African Penguins released in Plett

Five rehabilitated African Penguins released in Plett

In a hopeful and bitter-sweet moment for #Plett, the release of five rehabilitated African Penguins proceeded yesterday despite the fires that still raged. The penguins were rehabilitated at the Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre and were the first penguins to be released in Plett for many years, as part of an effort to establish a new breeding colony in Plett.

The birds were kept in an open-type enclosure for the early few hours of the morning to acclimatise to their environment. After the gates were opened, they had no hesitation in all walking down the beach to the sea, with only a short stop to look back at the enclosure. Congratulations to all concerned CapeNature BirdLife South Africa Tenikwa Rehab Admissions & Nature’s Valley Trust – a great success and a little bit of cheer during a terrible time.

Photos: Mike Bridgeford



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