Bocca Dolce Coffee Shop 

Credit Card Facility Restaurant / Bar facility

This 400 acre farm is situated on Stofpad, Wittedrift along the Bitou River.  The activities on the farm include: 


bocca-dolce-6Growing and selling Organic Vegetables, Microgreens and Wheatgrass under the label Living Foods. Our popular Organic Veggies, Wheatgrass and Microgreens are sold fresh in Plett and Knysna, can be bought at the Harkerville Farmer’s Market on a Saturday morning and are available freshly picked direct to the public at our coffee shop at the Farm.  Our state-of-the-art Kitchen caters for Vegan Foods.  Living Foods Products are sold throughout the country and served in the Bocca Dolce coffee shop.



bocca-dolceOur coffee shop is called Bocca Dolce.  Here we serve a delicious selection of Vegan Foods at our Harvest Tablewhich consists of many of our freshly picked Organic Products in Season and Freshly baked bread.  We also serve a Tapas Menu.  In the coffee shop we stock all our bottled, dehydrated and baked foods which are all Vegan. Our Italian Coffee Roaster produces a delicious range of Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans which can be bought over the counter.




On Quarry Lake, we Manufacture unique one-of-a-kind Classic Raw Wood Furniture in combination with Hand Forged Metal inspired by LelloIncendiario and Fanie Moller.


Quarry Lake EstateWe also have an Equestrian Livery Yard offering outdoor livery to privately owned horses.  Due to our lovely facilities, we host horse shows for the local riding community and have beautiful scenic outrides which our clients enjoy.

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