Giancarlo @ Katarina’s 

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Authentic Italian Trattoria situated at the beautiful Kurland Estate. Award winning Chef Giancarlo Pironi and team have reopened the gorgeous Katarina’s as Giancarlo@Katarina’s – sophisticated Italian cuisine in a warm, relaxed atmosphere.

Enjoy our beautiful award winning local wines and vintage cocktails as well as inspired new creations.

Bookings Essential.



Changes made daily 




Aperol spritzer

Macatini – freshly created daily 



Fresh ciabatta – chef’s choice of accompaniments



Carppacio Cipriani

Beautiful flattened fillet, with rocket and parmisan and a light mayonnaise dressing

Insalata Burrata

Fresh Italian soft cheese on baby leafs with grilled tomato and balsamic reduction 

Zuchinni Fritti

Crispy delicious baby marrow fries

Lingua in Salsa Verde

Thinly sliced tongue with a salsa of parsley, olive oil, anchovies and garlic

Melenzane Parmigiana

Layers of brinjal, mozzarella, napoletana sauce and parmisan


All pasta is freshly handmade in house

Tagliatelle Polpetine

Freshly made flat pasta with beef, chicken and parmisan meatballs in a tomato based sauce 
with peas and a splash of cream

Lasagne Bolognese

Layers of slow cooked beef ragu, bechemal sauce, fresh pasta sheets and parmisan

Farfalline alla Melenzane

Fresh bowtie pasta with brinjal, mozzerella, tomatoe and basil

Tagliolini Carratierra

Fresh flat pasta with diced tomatoes in olive oil, basil garlic and chilli

Pasta Fagioli

Fresh Italian bean soup with Vegetables, tomato, cured Italian meat and parmisan cheese

Lasagne Asparagi

Creamy Vegetetarian lasagne, layeres of asparagus and brie with fresh pasta sheets, 
bechemal sauce and parmisan



Ossobucco di Vitello

Veal shin slow cooked stew, alla Milanese served on mashed potatoes

Bistecca ala griglia

300g+ porterhouse, grilled on an open flame, served with grilled vegetables and potato wedges

Polletto ai Ferri

Roasted to order baby chickens rubbed in rosemary, garlic and sage. 
Served with grilled vergetables and potato wedges




Beautiful homemade vanilla gelato by Marco, topped with espresso

Sorbetto all-arancia

Marcos Home made italian orange sorbet served in vodka


Layers of coffee soaked finger biscuits with mascapone cream and chocolate

Torte di Riccotta

Orange, riccotta chocolate chip torte served with fresh strawberries



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