WaRafiki Tshisa Nyama 

Warafiki Tshisa Nyama Restaurant

WaRafiki TshisaNyama: A Genuine African “Braai” (BBQ) Experience

Established in 2012 WaRafiki TshisaNyama prides itself in the history of Africa and draws inspiration from the great African identity and traditions.

The culture of “braai” meat on an open fire has always been part of South African families while they practice traditional ceremonies and celebrating important events and has been practiced across all races and class.

At WaRafiki TshisaNyama you will have the chance to enjoy Africa’s Ultimate “Braai” Experience, at a restaurant that has earned an enviable reputation over the past 3 years for its originality, “A grade value for money “Braai” potions, quality service and a culture steeped in the great African “Kasi” lifestyle, culture and heritage.

Our Services

The restaurant caters to both social and corporate patrons in both the public and private sectors, and is visited by an increasing number of national and international visitors. Premium services for social and corporate patrons include:

  1. Social and private functions;
  2. Special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries; 3. Corporate functions (Brand activation, company promotional events, product launches and media events) 4. Corporate Christmas or end-of-year functions

WaRafiki Tshisa Nyama represents the realization of a colossal dream and an Ultimate “Braai” Experience in the Southern tip of Africa that will soon be enjoyed all over the world.

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