SA Airlink features Plett in Skyways magazine 

Published: July 6th, 2018

SA Airlink's Skyways magazine features Plett

SA Airlink’s Skyways magazine July edition features Plett

The best way to round off an Eastern Cape adventure is in the time-honoured tradition of heading to Plettenberg Bay for a sun and sea finale. Plett Tourism Authority is making a big effort to promote the town’s attractions, and that shouldn’t be difficult when there’s plenty to do like bungee jumping from Bloukrans Bridge; gorge walking; visiting bird, monkey and elephant sanctuaries; or touring the Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre, which rescues and rehabilitates injured animals.

Plett’s beaches themselves come in different flavours, one ideal for surfing, another designated for dog walking, one for catching a whale-watching cruise and some just for that old-fashioned activity of lying in the sun. I set off from aptly named Central Beach on a kayaking trip with Dolphin Adventures, and the owner popped me into a double kayak with a guide to give me extra stability against the waves on a blustery morning. It’s huge fun, paddling along in the swell, admiring the coastline and hoping a dolphin will come cavorting by.

A toast to risk taking

After that workout all my aching arms were fit for was raising a glass of wine, so it’s handy that Plett has been busy developing a wine route. There are 14 recently developed wine farms, and 10 are open for tastings. They specialise in Sauvignon Blanc and sparkling white wines because the zippy ocean breezes and occasional mists are too harsh for sun-loving red grape varieties.

Winemaker Anton Smal of Bramon Wines pioneered the new wine route, and says many eyebrows were raised in disbelief when the first vines were planted. No vines were introduced without a thorough analysis of the soil and prevailing weather conditions to give the grapes a fighting chance, he says.

A great place to stay near Plett is the Kurland Hotel, an elegant old manor 20km out of town. It’s filled with intriguing nooks and crannies, with a well-stocked library, an on-site spa, a tennis court, and a playroom and jungle gym for kids. And if you didn’t see enough animals on the safari part of your Eastern Cape experience, look out for the Kurland’s polo horses and Shetland Ponies!

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