street child begging

What to do when a street child begs for money

street child beggingMany tourists, holidaymakers and locals feel obligated to give money to children on the streets. How should you act when a child begs for money?

We know you care,
We know that you want to help,
But please think before you give money to children on the streets.




Begging offers children no hope and no future
  • Giving money to children on the street encourages them to leave home and stay out of school. It promotes substance abuse and keeps them away from organisations that are there to help them;
  • Giving food and clothing also does not help, as such food and clothing is often sold or exchanged for illegal drugs or money;
  • If you give them money, food or clothing you are effectively paying them to be on the street and become beggars and such children almost inevitably turn to a life of crime as they get older;
  • Please do not make beggars of our children – our constant monitoring of the situation reveals that no matter what they may tell you, they all have homes or a place of safety to go to where they are being fed and cared for.

The Western Cape Government has a comprehensive social grant system and many professional and specialised organisations specifically geared to address the problem of children begging on our streets.

If you really care, help by not giving money to children who beg but rather make a donation to one of the deserving institutions such as Masizami who are trained specifically to take care of  and act in the best interests of these children. You will find donation tins in most shops. Or contact them on 044 533 6640 to make a larger donation.


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