Take the 2-Minute Nurdles Challenge! 

Published: November 8th, 2020

Many of South Africa’s beaches have been affected recently by a nurdle spill which has polluted the coastline and threatens the lives of many sea creatures and coastal birdlife.

We went down to the beach this weekend to help with the cleanup. We took up the #2minutenurdles challenge and we’d like to encourage you to do the same!

So, get down to the beach and see how many nurdles you can collect in 2 minutes!

Video or photograph yourself collecting them and share it on social media to encourage others to do the same. Let us know how many you collected in your 2 minutes!

Tag your videos or photos with the #2minutenurdles hashtag and let’s see how many people we can get to take up the challenge! Also tag @pletttourism on Facebook.

You can drop off your bags of nurdles at the Plett Tourism office and we will dispose of them in the required manner.

Take the #2minutenurdles challenge today!

What are nurdles?

Nurdles are small plastic balls that make up many of the plastic items we find in products we buy every day. They are transported by sea and sometimes, during bad weather for example, they can be washed overboard. They float, so they are carried on the tide and by the wind and end up on our shores.

Why are they a problem?

Nurdles do not degrade over time, so they can be eaten by birds and other sea life. They are not digestible either, so they can block their intestines, often causing death.

How can you help?

Each time you go down to the beach, take a bag with you and spend 2 minutes picking up nurdles. You’ll find them at the high-water mark.

Take a video or photo and post it on social media with the #2minutenurdles hashtag. This helps to create awareness and encourages others to do the same.

Then, drop off your nurdles at the Plett Tourism office and we’ll make sure they’re disposed of in the proper way.