Getting around Plett

While Plett has grown considerably in recent years, it is still considered a small town and most tourists should be quite capable of getting around the centre of town by foot.

The centre of town is on top of a hill and the beaches are located at the foot of this hill. Most younger tourists would be quite capable of walking down to the beaches by foot if they do not have their own transport, however older or elderly tourists would probably prefer some form of motorised assistance.


For those who are not as capable or willing to walk everywhere, there is a taxi service located in Main Street alongside The Market, as well as other taxi services at various locations around town. There are also shuttles to get to and from airports and other transport hubs.

  • Pristine Cabs: 076 345 7454
  • Vogue Cabs: 071 330 6000 or 078 906 6677
  • Marcello’s Taxi Service: 082 407 4453 or 083 236 3679
  • Dolphin Shuttle and Cabs: 078 704 6505 or 076 531 3841
  • Fish Eagle Transport & Tours: 083 232 7655 or 083 232 7655
  • Perils Shuttle & Cabs | Perils Charters & Tours:

    082 594 4877

  • Gecko Transport: 082 325 5620

Rage Taxis

During the annual Plett Rage Student Festival in Nov/Dec there are minibus taxis to transport students around town. Details here


Bicycles can be hired from various bike shops in Plett.

  • Jamin Adventures: 044 533 3727 or 082 807 0895
  • The Bike Shop: 044 533 1111 or 083 698 1964

Lookout Deck free shuttle

The Lookout Deck offers a free shuttle service during peak holiday season in December. Shuttles depart from Sewell Street & Main Road, and The Market Square & Plett Mall to the Lookout Deck at the times shown here.


Click here for maps of the Plett area and town street map