Child Friendly
BIOCAMPS Bloukrans - Biomimicry Camp

In response to and understanding people’s growing need to connect more closely with Mother Nature, we are excited to offer our BioCamp experiences.  Our camps enable access to unique environments, while at the same time enhancing the spaces we visit. 

We have, over our many years of experience, designed a constantly evolving camping method to achieve this:

  1. Design
  • Our tent placement specifically limits our footprint
  • Consideration is given to the trees and their roots, to the animal paths and bird sites, to the entire ecology of that space.
  • We have learned that “simple” is best and continually strive to leave a positive footprint wherever we go.
  • Beds with mattresses and fresh linen
  • Nutritional meals
  1. Water
  • We use 2% of the water used in formal hotel/lodge accommodation
  • This still provides ample water for hot bucket showers
  1. Waste
  • Hygienic compost lavatories
  • Compost removed from site to a reforestation project
  • We buy with waste in mind … minimal packaging or reuseable or recycleable
  • Grey water from dishes is filtered through biochar and this, with wind, creates on site refrigeration
  1. Energy
  • Off-grid
  • Renewable energy technology
  1. Community
  • Camp crew and guides are contracted from the local communities
  • Where possible, food produce is sourced from local communities
  • Laundry services are based in communities using rainwater from tanks and gentle detergents
  • Locally sourced, handmade, nature-friendly bath soaps supplied



To book, contact us on or call 082 724 0442