Emzini Tours 

Child Friendly

We do tours daily at 10am and 2pm. Our township tour lasts between 2-3 hours and it is Fun, Safe, Personal, Informative and Interactive.  A true African experience.

We stop at various points along the way, like the hairdresser, grocer and cobbler who have shops in shipping containers.  We visit the library and the pre-school. Then we move along to our home in the township, where we sit together and have a cup of tea, and we entertain you with some beautiful Xhosa singing and drumming. 

We even teach you how to drum and  speak a bit of “Clicky” Xhosa. 

Part of the money you pay for the tour goes right back into the community, as we have our own Safe House for children, and we look after 26 children, and pay for all their education and living expenses through the Tour.


  • Adults: R400.00
  • Children: R200.00


We have 4 trained guides, our own transport and have been in operation for 10 years. We have good TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet reviews.

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