Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary 

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Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary in Plett

Experience a one-hour guided tour with over 100 snakes and reptiles to see, including an indigenous snake pit, outdoor exhibits, a large dome to house South African and exotic snakes.

We begin the tour with snakes indigenous to the Garden Route, South Africa, moving Northwards, we showcase some of the most famous snake species home to Africa.

The park specializes in educating our visitors on common snakes encountered and the myths surrounding them. Lawnwood is an animal and child-friendly place, besides the variety of reptiles, there are also farm animals.

Over the years the park has homed a variety of exotic unwanted reptiles. We also have enormous pythons, lizards and crocodiles. We cater for the snake-phobic to the snake lover!!!

Set in the indigenous forest, be sure to keep your eyes out for birds and forest animals.

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