That Wine Demesne 

logo-that-wine-demesne-300Demesne:   (n)/di’mein, di’mi:n –  The Lord’s waste.  A piece of land attached to the manor and retained by the owner for their own use.

With a penchant for gardening and growing, wine-lovers David and Jo looked across their estate towards Bramon and said, “Why don’t we plant a small field?” So they nipped across to Peter and Caroline Thorpe from Bramon, who pioneered the entire wine industry in the area, and planned their wine future on a paper table mat.

2016 produced a grand total of 577 bottles. The verdict from expert opinions has been that this is an excellent beginning. Young as it is, it displays several of the important characteristics: good legs, exceptional colour, definite structure. The tannins are very gentle. Second-fill barrels were used, so the wood is very light, and the acids are good.

2017, and the vines are a year older and are stronger and more uniform. It has been a hot, dry summer and the berries are small and full of flavour.




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