Adventure Racing Team Liquorice all sorts 

Plett Adventure Racing Team at Riversdale 36hr race
Published: January 5th, 2022

Liquorice all sorts for Plett Adventure Racing Team at Riversdale 36hr Adventure Race

Congratulations to the team for finishing this epic 36-hour race in second place!

The Riversdale 36hr race saw the Plett Adventure Racing Team team up with two new members making us an interesting bag of “Liquorice all sorts”:  Hanno Smit, the adventure race legend, representing the good old back liquorice, Petrus the machine as the double-decker chocolate liquorice, Pax the unknown flavour, and Netski the mandatory pink liquorice with the potent black inside! All teams had to do a prologue in the cute little town of Riversdale which then determined the time teams would start in the early hours of Saturday morning with the slowest teams starting first. 

It was a pure and true adventure race with tough navigation, proper mountain bike legs with the good old carry-the-bike-down-the-mountain-to-the next-track bundu bashing mountain hikes, kloofing (canyoning) with scrambling up small waterfalls, long swims, sweat, and the sore, scratched legs that comes with all the above. 

And, let us not forget the rain and wind!!!!! Which, let me tell you is not so bad when you are wearing a wetsuit, lifejacket and backpack…Who would have ever thought a wetsuit could be so comfy for a 15km trekking leg?

The Plett Adventure Liquorice All Sorts team combined well as all flavours complemented each other and we managed to finish in 2nd place in 21 hours of racing after Team Songlines, who took 1st place.

If there is one thought imprinted in our minds it would be black wetsuit-clad bodies with head torches and lifejackets walking through the bush at night, in the pouring rain, searching for a checkpoint. If a farmer would have found us, they might have thought they were imagining things!

Thank you, Alfred Thorpe, for a great race and for making sure we saw the true beauty of Riversdale. Thank you to Plett Tourism for your endless support. And thank you my Liquorice companions you were absolutely deliciously fun…

Photo Credits – Alfred Thorpe

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