Andile Khumalo woos crowd at Plett Tourism’s Conversations in Kwano 

Published: October 4th, 2018

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Wandisile’s Plett

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The second installment of the Plett Tourism’s Conversations in Kwano took place at the newly established N2 Lounge situated at the entrance of Kwano, and saw investment banker extraordinaire Andile Khumalo winning the hearts of everyone in attendance, including this lowly writer, something that doesn’t happen often.

Andile, 2nd from left with Lance Rothschild, Lesley Jacobs, Memory Booysen, Peter Wallington and Wandisile Sebezo

Andile (2nd from left with) Lance Rothschild, Lesley Jacobs, Memory Booysen, Peter Wallington and Wandisile Sebezo

The idea behind the talk was born last year, after having a conversation with Plett Tourism Chairman, Peter Wallington, we both decided that there is a void that needs to be filled, that we needed to talk with ourselves and not across ourselves, with the hope that by doing so we will be one step closer to finding solutions to our problems.

The series of these talks will vary depending on the topic and the speaker concerned. When we hosted author and talk radio host JJ Tabane last year at Skhulu’z Lounge, the conversation flowed along the lines of politics, the media and general tourism development.

Amongst other issues; young people in business need motivation, particularly from those that have traveled the road thus far. Another issue that I think needs to be addressed is the misunderstanding of institutions, and what they mean and the role they should play in society. Take the tourism office for example, most people think it’s there merely to organise events, when in fact the tourism office’s mandate is destination marketing, events are just part of the process.

So these talks will amongst others settle and offer clarity to some of the issues confronting our town.

Andile Khumalo is a Chartered Accountant, formerly with Investec, a former COO of MSG Africa and MD of Power FM, and he now runs his own investment firm- Brodkast, a newly formed investment holding company targeting assets in the telecommunications, media & technology sectors.

Amongst other things he runs an entrepreneurship program titled “I Am An Entrepreneur” which targets up and coming entrepreneurs and seeks to instil in them the core values of running a successful business.

Andile’s core message to us was that “pursue your passion and the money will follow”. He argued that the mistake most start up entrepreneurs make is to seek funding while the passion is not really there.

Other topics raged from the economy, the land question and together passionate, we can build this country.

A special thanks to Garden Route District Mayor, Memory Booysen, Bitou LED Manager, Lesley Jacobs, and Bitou Director of Strategic Services, David Friedman for attending.


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