Art fused with Beer and Amapiano comes to life at Malibu’s Tavern 

Published: November 18th, 2020
Wandisile's Plett - A blog by Wandisile Sebezo

Wandisile’s Plett

A blog by Wandisile Sebezo

Township life is sophisticated in all its respects. One of those is the kind of music enjoyed by those inhabiting these areas. In the 90’s there was Kwaito, then house, and then Gqom which took many dance floors by storm. Now, South Africans are dancing to a different kind of tune – Amapiano.

It’s not easy to decide where exactly it fits, if you listen to it carefully, though, you get a bit of deep house and an upbeat jazzy piano vibe. It’s thought to have originated in Pretoria. In our part of the world though, it’s at Malibu’s Tavern where you’ll get the most of it.

There is a new twist, though – not only has Amapiano become an anthem for this crowd, they’ve now included art as part of the mix. I sat down with William Mwale, the artist who painted the beautiful murals at this establishment to find out more.

William says it took him two days tops to finish the project. I began by asking William how this project came about and he told me that he was “having a light conversation with the owner of Malibu’s tavern and upon introducing myself as an artist, he was instantly amazed by my work and the rest was history”.

Some of William’s notable work is the one he recently did for a private client at Brackenridge Estate, and another he has shipped off as far as Joburg and Cape Town.

William (34), born in Malawi and raised in Botswana, has been painting for the last 10 years since a fellow artist encouraged him to pursue the craft after seeing his work.

For those of us who have been living in the townships for all our lives, it’s certainly not something one would normally associate with the tavern or a pub, but after seeing the amazing work perfectly done by William, one must admit, it blends in well.

It blends even way better as Malibu used the lockdown time to give the place a facelift. Unlike before, there is more space, light and the much-needed security measures in place.

Good news is that William plans on staying in Plett, and hopes to impact on the town’s youth in “whichever positive possible way”.

The man also “hopes to host a solo exhibition in the near future”. Great stuff, and I know Plett peeps will offer the necessary support.

If like me, you’re an admirer of art and love all things iKasi Life, you might want to rock up to Malibu’s Tavern in Kwano for a cold one while jamming to South Africa’s new energetic sound and enjoying the amazing work by one of our artists.