Warning from Absa of ATM theft – syndicate targeting foreigners in Plettenberg Bay 

Published: February 18th, 2015


We would like to to warn foreign nationals on holiday in Plettenberg Bay that there is a syndicate of about 8 members targeting them when making use of ATMs.

The group specifically targets the tourists because it is unlikely that they will return to SA to testify in court if any arrests are made.

They do not skim the cards – they physically steal them. They either watch the person enter their PIN or trick then to type it in as they are “helping”.  A member of the group then delays the target at the ATM while another member goes to another ATM in town and does a large withdrawal from the client’s account.

DO NOT accept ANY assistance at an ATM.

The syndicate members always have something in their hand which obscures the view when they steal the card as the ATM ejects it.

The robberies usually takes place from 11am on Saturdays and after 10 am on Sundays.

Thank you,

Sarel Herbst  |  Branch Manager  |  Absa Retail and Business Bank: Sales and Service
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