Bikers rally together for tourism 

Published: July 19th, 2021
by Reinet Smith

Biker community comes together for a cause at World Of Waterfowl

An average Saturday outing turned into a heartwarming story of love and charity when three locals visited World Of Waterfowl last.

Lize, Bayrdie, and her daughter decided to visit the local bird sanctuary, World Of Waterfowl for a casual family outing. During the visit, something stirred in Lize’s heart, consequently leading to an event

After Lize’s visited World Of Waterfowl, she realized just what impact lockdown and restrictions have had on this unique tourist attraction. She decided to reach out to her fellow bikers in an attempt to make a difference.

A simple WhatsApp to one individual started a chain reaction within the biker community. Within 72 hours, 5 different motorcycle clubs had come together and organized a charity run that changed the future of World Of Waterfowl.

Sunday the 11th July 2021 saw World of Waterfowl (WOW) in Harkerville and its patrons treated to a plethora of rumbling engines and exhaust smoke as several motorcycle clubs from all over the Western Cape rolled into town. More than 10 motorcycles and their passengers arrived at the parking lot in a crescendo of engine noise and a flash of black leather.

A scheduled stop at WOW was initiated. We were happy to serve them fresh coffee to help keep their wits about them on the road.

The clubs involved were Syndicate, Guns & Roses, Ulysses, Steel Wings, and Black Jacket.

They visited us at various stages through the day to adhere to Covid protocols and social distancing guidelines…

As a gesture of goodwill, these unsung warriors a donation to WOW which is very much appreciated during these tough times regarding travel and tourism during the pandemic. With this wonderful gift, the future for World of Waterfowl certainly looks a lot brighter.

They were all in great spirit, which added to a truly wonderful day for all concerned. A big thank you to James Smith, who supported WOW by busking on the day and provided excellent musical entertainment for the road-weary bikers.

A special thanks to Dave & May from Ulysses MCC, and Bayrdie & Lize from Syndicate MCC, who made this amazingly life-changing act of kindness happen.

If you would like to get involved or would like to know more, please contact Reinet on +27 (0)84 074 7643.