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By the Blade of the Bostin Barbers

Published: March 27th, 2022
By the Blade of the Bostin Barbers By the Blade of the Bostin Barbers 

As strange as this may sound, it would be easier for most men to trust you with their car keys than trust you with their hair. Not many moments are as daunting for a guy as when he's about to have his hair cut by someone who's never cut his hair before. When he's on that barber's chair, best believe that every stroke of the clipper is examined closely, and don't count on his eyes leaving the mirror. He'll frown, fidget and bite his teeth till the ordeal is over. If you gained or broke the trust, believe me, you'll know. Outees don't play with their fades.

Therefore understand that it is no small thing that two young chaps in New Horizons have every ...more

Ocean Safaris: The oceanic offering and the man

Published: December 16th, 2021
Ocean Safaris: The oceanic offering and the man

Plettenberg Bay won the title of Africa's leading beach destination in the World Travel Awards in 2021. Those who are contentious regarding this opinion (or fact, rather) have obviously not experienced the Ocean Safaris whale-watching boat cruise adventure.

Flanked by the iconic Beacon Island and the inviting Moby Dick restaurant is Ocean Safaris’ office, while in the wide ocean ahead you find the home of the maritime members of the Ocean Safaris household: whales, dolphins, sharks, seals and many others

Lloyd Chapman established Ocean Safaris in 1999 on the 25th of November, making 2022 the 21st anniversary of this maritime enterprise. Its product sells our cordial and ...more

Mike Bathande Bhayibhile: Master voice

Published: September 1st, 2021
Mike Bathande Bhayibhile: Master voice Mike Bathande Bhayibhile: Master voice

Leading up to Plett ARTS Festival in 2020, baritone Mike Bhayibhile made contact with pianist, voice coach and soprano, Dr Lisa Engelbrecht who happened to be locking down in Plett. Rehearsals followed for what became two double-bill live-streamed concerts of classical works from the St Peter’s Anglican Church to audiences at home, and two superb concerts on permanent record, hosted on the Plett Tourism website. Writer and poet, Was Lemeul, who will be performing at the 2021 Plett ARTS Festival, took some time to talk to Mike who will be in concert with Lisa once again this year, and get some insight into this extraordinary performer.

I've often ...more