Bosky Dell Rose Garden – an appeal 

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Published: September 23rd, 2020

An appeal to help save the Plett rose garden


To date (22 Oct 2020) R26,000.00 has been donated towards helping save the Bosky Dell Rose Garden. Thank you to all who have contributed.

We, who are fortunate enough to live on the Garden Route, are spoiled for choice when it comes to local attractions, not least of which is our own world-renowned rose garden.

Since its establishment about 12 years ago, Bosky Dell, Rae Gilbert’s award-winning rose garden, has attracted visitors from far and wide and has become a popular wedding venue.  What could be more romantic than a secluded formal rose-garden in a hidden valley, containing a variety of 6 000 roses, a pond full of waterlilies and spectacular views from a beautiful garden pavilion? 

Over the years, Rae has made an enormous contribution to various communities on the Garden Route by opening her garden for numerous charity fund-raising events, during which she and her staff worked tirelessly to make every event memorable.  She has repeatedly supported the Plett Open Garden Day for PAWS; numerous concerts and events for Hospice Plett; the Bitou 10 Foundation; Rotary; the Knysna Rose Society; the Formosa Garden Club, and many other organisations. 

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It is a sad fact that all one’s hard work and plans can be unexpectedly thrown into disarray and one has to confront changed circumstances.  When Covid 19 struck, Rae had to cancel all her  bookings and eventually  let her staff go as it had become impossible for her to afford to keep them on.  Without the daily maintenance of the garden, it soon became overgrown, but Rae was hoping that she would be able to get back to normal.  This was not to be, due to the extended lockdown, and she was unable to have the roses pruned in July.

It has now become critical to clear the overgrown beds and prune and fertilise the roses within the next three to six weeks, if the entire garden is to be saved.  Rae’s livelihood depends on the weddings that have  been booked towards the end of the year. As the gardens are a major feature of the weddings, she will not be able to host these events unless the clearing and pruning is done in time. Once the gardens have been restored to some semblance of normality, Rae will be in a position to  maintain them from proceeds of her wedding business.

The Rose Pavilion at Bosky Dell wedding venue in Plett-2013-12-4655

The Bosky Dell rose garden is a very precious place for all of us on the Garden Route and it would be a tragedy if Rae Gilbert were to be forced to abandon her rose garden for want of support. This is why a group of concerned locals are appealing to as many people as possible for financial support to enable Rae to get back on her feet and to continue her business and good work in our communities.  Please help us to help one of our own very kind and generous residents to resume her valued work.

Any contribution will be most gratefully received and will be used to pay labour to clear the rose beds, to prune the roses and to fertilise them.  We will, of course, be happy to report back on the use of the donations.

Bosky Dell Rose Garden Plettenberg Bay

Donations can be made to :

Plett Tourism
Bank: FNB
Branch Code:  250655
Account number:  62520118854
Reference: BOSKY DELL + email address

Please clearly mark your donation BOSKY DELL and add your e-mail address.

A running account of the funding will be published on the Plett Tourism website.

Please contact Cindy Wilson-Trollip on 084 521 1876 for more information.