By the Blade of the Bostin Barbers 

Bostin Barber Plett
Published: March 27th, 2022

By the Blade of the Bostin Barbers 

As strange as this may sound, it would be easier for most men to trust you with their car keys than trust you with their hair. Not many moments are as daunting for a guy as when he’s about to have his hair cut by someone who’s never cut his hair before. When he’s on that barber’s chair, best believe that every stroke of the clipper is examined closely, and don’t count on his eyes leaving the mirror. He’ll frown, fidget and bite his teeth till the ordeal is over. If you gained or broke the trust, believe me, you’ll know. Outees don’t play with their fades.

Therefore understand that it is no small thing that two young chaps in New Horizons have every gentleman’s trust, with his hair nogal. The Bostin Barbers have the confidence of the entire neighborhood as they have been tried and tested in all types of haircuts, from a smooth chiskop and brush cut to various fades and artwork. Since they have opened, they seem to have eradicated all competition and now Boston Barbershop is apparently the only barbershop in the community.

First established in 2018, the Bostin Barbershop is founded by two lads, namely, Delroy ‘Bella’ Schwema (26) and Darren Plaatjies (23); both born and brought up in Plett. Their journeys in the industry, though culminated at the same point, started somewhat different. On his first attempt, Bella took a clipper and tried to cut his own hair- he ended up with blood all over the place. But since that day he was adamant on learning the trade. Darren on the other hand wasn’t as daring, he learned by dressing his father and uncles, improving with each head he styled.

Bostin Barber Plett

Considerable years later, after noticing the skill they each had gained in the art of barbering they decided to come together and open a barbershop of their own. Business was booming soon after opening. The quality of their work and their economical prices attracted so many clients that it was obvious that they needed a bigger workshop.

Bitou Municipality’s Local Economic Development department in supporting the SMME assisted the young businessmen with funds so that they were able to kick start the renovation and extension of their barbershop.

Bella says that this is only the primary phase of their business. “The idea is to have a place that not only caters for men but for women too. Bostin Barbershop is yet to evolve. With a generous sponsorship we will get to grow our enterprise and train more people as well as hire hairstylists for women and some for manicures and pedicures. The beauty industry has endless possibilities so we cannot afford to limit ourselves, we would like to go all out.”

When asked about their source of inspiration it was surprising to learn that they draw inspiration from within- of course the coloured culture of barbering had an influence but for the duo the main source of ideas comes from their own creative thinking and the insatiable desire to be innovative.

Bostin Barber Plett

Bella’s motivation is the urge to build something that is worth looking up to so that he leaves a legacy for his son, while Darren’s driving force is the concept of self-actualization, becoming his own boss in a time when people are going from pillar to post looking for bosses.

These youngsters see their barbershop moving to the CBD in the coming years where they’d be able to broaden their clientele and showcase their ability to execute various styles, since each ethnic group gravitates towards a certain kind of cut. They agree that to be a good tonsorial artist you have to study the different cultures and trends so as to know how people from other cultures and backgrounds prefer to have their hair cut – different cultures have different preferences.

“Plett is a rich town. We’re not talking about money. This town has people from all walks of life, open-minded and warm-hearted people. To have Bostin Barbershop at the central business district would be truly fulfilling. We still have much room to learn and grow, moving to town would no doubt catapult our growth,” expressed the Bostin Barbers.

More than just a place where one gets his hair cut and styled, Bostin Barbershop has become the go-to spot where the young and old get their dose of masculine confidence. It’s not a secret that even the most sheepish of men can be remedied to be more self-assured with a decent haircut. One might even mistake this for vanity, but it has been proven that the sense of confidence does not come from vainglory but from a genuinely good feeling that one gets from the satisfaction provided by a talented barber. In the words of Darren, “It’s all in the head, if it looks good then you can’t help but feel good.”