Carnarvon to Plett by bike 

Luckily, we have the memories to draw back on during busy days, there hidden somewhere in the back of your mind lurk the beautiful pictures of the great Karoo after rain.
Published: April 22nd, 2022

Carnarvon to Plett by bike with the Plett Adventure Racing Team

It’s been almost 3 weeks since our Carnarvon to Plett bike adventure started and it is amazing how easily life falls straight back into its routine, engulfs you as if nothing happened. 

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Our total journey came to just under 600km, which we decided to cycle unsupported with a tent and what we could carry, including maps, food, etc.  Starting from Carnarvon we cycled 98 km the first evening till we pitched our tent for day one. 

From there we loved every bit of the karoo cycling via Fraserburg about 170kms to end day 2, we could see the sunset hiding from mozzies in our tent….  Prince Albert was the next stop where we got spoilt by smiles and welcoming arms of friends who we haven’t seen for years.  

We crossed Swartberg at night….yes…, our bikes were so heavy from our luggage we pushed up most of Swartberg Pass, but that made it even more special!  We were self-sufficient which meant we had to carry our food, water, tent, sleeping bag and of course lots of coffee and rusks – no camping goes without those two essential ingredients… but this also added to our backsides getting very sore from the extra load on our backs and our bikes being nice and heavy from an overloaded bike carrier. 

Day 4 we had to dig deep, long-distance to De Vlugt, Pete battled with overheating through the Klein Karoo but the memories of resting on the side of road under a pepper tree and re-fuelling on lemon creams and jelly babies will last a lifetime.