Claire Kula’s outdoor beach massages 

Claire Kula outdoor massages on Plett Central Beach
Published: December 22nd, 2021
by Siphokazi Mnyobe

Claire Kula’s exotic outdoor beach massages in Plett are here to stay

“I am grateful to the Lord to finally be able to do what I love, after an unpredictable year of Covid-19 Lockdown. I am now ready to work my magic as an outdoor beach massages therapist, ” says Claire Kula.

This summer, you do not want to miss out on one of the best services that will have tourists feeling relaxed and free in Plettenberg Bay: Claire’s Outdoor Beach Massages.

Claire Kula, born and raised in Plett’s Kwanokuthula, specialises in massage therapy and believes that a free and relaxed tourist is a happy tourist. According to Claire, in order for tourists to fully enjoy the diversity and beauty of Plett one needs to be in harmony with the peaceful atmosphere that the Garden Route embodies.

That is why she introduced outdoor beach massages to be part of activities that tourists and locals can enjoy when visiting Plett’s beautiful blue beaches. Claire’s massages are done on popular Central Beach – easily located and accessible for many tourists. And there couldn’t be a better town to enjoy a massage on the shoreline. Plett is home to six international Blue Flag beaches and was voted Africa’s Leading Beach Destination in the 2020-21 World Travel Awards

According to the Garden Route Municipal website, a blue flag is an internationally recognised eco-label with almost 50 countries participating in the initiative worldwide. It focuses on the environmental management of coastlines and coastal waters to support sustainable tourism growth and development. With this in mind, this then promises individuals visiting the beaches an holistic experience that they will never forget and, with Claire’s special touch, a luxurious experience is promised at an affordable price.

Claire started her business in 2016 after working for 10 years at a beauty spa in Kurland. She wanted to grow as a massage therapist and saw the opportunity to open a mobile massage spa. As the first in her family to start a business, Claire experienced difficulties during the lockdown in 2020 when she could not work. “My business was on the verge of closing down but I had to fight to ensure that my dreams do not perish because of covid and today it’s still standing,” says Claire.

The Kasi massage babe who fought for her business to stand amidst Covid 19 threats, proves to be an inspiration to Kwano youth as she opens free massage classes to train disadvantaged youth in her community. “During peak seasons I hire the youth in my community to work with me, this helps them to be responsible and get off the streets,” she says.

Claire has dreams of seeing her business grow and be nationally recognised. She hopes to have her own spa establishment which she can turn into a franchise in the next 5 years. I believe that Plett Tourism and the Bitou Municipality Economic Development & Tourism Department will assist me to realise my goals – just as they came through for me when I started my business,” she concludes.

With that said, the Bitou Municipality Economic Development & Tourism Department receives a substantial amount of business proposals from local entrepreneurs looking for assistance. The assistance is offered through various ways: the Nedbank Incubator Programme, Community Development Fund and also with the assistance and support of the Bitou Municipality’s tourism partner, Plett Tourism. These are but some of the measures applied to assist SMME’s and entrepreneurs.

According to Plett Tourism CEO, Patty Butterworth, the Bitou Municipality funds a number of entrepreneurial businesses each year and Plett Tourism makes it their mission to share these good news stories in support of these entrepreneurs.  

Ubuhle bendalo around the Garden Route that is seen through the landscapes of Plettenberg Bay and the kasi culture of Kwano people is evident and also seen through Ubuntu that holds the Plett community together and inspires people such as Claire to grow their talents and put Plett on the map.

It is commendable that Plett Tourism and Bitou LED is here to showcase the beauty of ubuhle bendalo and captivate Kasi culture, motivating Plett youth to start and support local businesses and be part of the economy’s major contribution. 

While so much is said and written about the Plett lifestyle, including our vibrant suburbs, exciting events and our beautiful scenery and pristine beaches, rarely do stories of the people who make up the soul of Plett get told. We think Plett is so much more than its beaches, beautiful landscape, and wildlife. Our iKasi Life stories share the vivid personalities and special places that make Plett complete, iKasi Life stories are focused on is the people who live here and the stories they have to tell. For more information about iKasi Life, please visit and find more information about iKasi Life in Plett in the Services Section.