The definitive guide to the Garden Route 

Published: September 21st, 2017
Garden Route Guide book

Garden Route Guide
The definitive guide to the Garden Route, REVISED AND UPDATED

Finally, some good news for the Garden Route.

The proclamation of the Garden Route Biosphere Reserve in June 2017 came at a most auspicious time. While the Garden Route was engulfed in flames, the International Coordinating Council (ICC) of UNESCO MAB sat in Paris deciding on the status of the Garden Route. The decision to accept the nomination for this biosphere reserve was met with enormous relief, gratitude and hope, understanding the potential that it holds. Biosphere reserves are given international recognition due to their unique natural, historic and cultural attributes.

The publication of the revised and updated edition of A Guide to the Garden Route could not have been timed better. This ‘must have’ guide will enhance your experience, and certainly expand your knowledge of the area.

‘The Garden Route – a vast and endless world of loveliness, unseen, unknown, untrodden, save by those varied multitudes of stupendous, curious and beautiful quadrupeds, whose forefathers have roamed its mighty solitude from primaeval ages, and with whom I afterwards became so intimately acquainted’ – R. Gordon Cumming, 1840

This Garden Route guide will take you on a magical journey along South Africa’s Garden Route while exploring the beauties and hidden secrets of our natural heritage. Filled with detailed and up-to-date information, this book tells you where to go, how to get there and what you’ll find in the area.

With maps from Still Bay to Storms River, fauna and flora, whale watching, birding hot spots, adventure routes and historical information, this is a must-have guide to all hikers, walkers, bikers, twitches, outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers, holiday makers and guides.

Available at R280 per copy from October 2017. Visit for more info on how to buy the book.


ISBN 978-1-4314-2520-4
GENRE Travel Guide/Natural History
FORMAT Paperback
SIZE 235x165mm
EXTENT 230pp
RIGHTS World rights
RELEASE October 2017