Diversity of events multi-cultural in Plett 

Sasfin Plett Wine & Bubbly Festival - Elle Photography
Published: May 29th, 2022

Plett showcases multi-cultural diversity of events

There are few towns in South Africa that provide a variety of attractions as Plettenberg Bay. And the events that happen in and around this coastal town on the Garden Route are as diverse, if not more so. Each year, Plett hosts a vibrant array of events that appeal to the wide demographics of South Africa’s population and those from further afield.

As the summer season winds down, it is easy to imagine that things in Plettenberg Bay are slowing down. And, compared to the frantic, sun-kissed days and sultry nights of high summer in Plett, the town is certainly more relaxed but by no means a sleepy little town. From February through to November, visitors will find many and varied reasons to visit. The diversity of Plett’s events is, by now, well known.

Cindy Wilson-Trollip, Plett Tourism’s events manager sums up the year-round calendar: “The diversity of events in Plett are a reflection of the many facets of our town and all of them highlight the unique personality of Plett and Plett people. The reverberation of sport and adventure events, arts, music and lifestyle happenings is felt throughout the year in the forests and estuaries, stadiums and indoor venues, all the way to the shoreline. You have an open invitation!” 

Sabrina Love Summer Challenge - diversity of events
Sabrina Love Summer Challenge

The Easter and school holidays in March or April are always a mixture of adventure sport with the BUCO Adventure Weekend, and music with Amapiano, GQOM, rock and Afrikaans musicians sharing venues across Plettenberg Bay.  Agriculture takes centre stage as autumn rolls around and it’s harvest time in the Plett Winelands. While it is difficult to plan a winelands harvest event (due to each wine farm harvesting curing their calculated perfect conditions), many of these overlap and visitors are often welcomed with huge smiles and faces glowing with post-harvest excitement.

Until 2021, Plett Tourism hosted the much-loved Plett ARTS Festival during the winter holidays – introducing visitors and festival-goers to local and national artists, poets, land artists, musicians, and performers – especially during the Main Street Twilight Arts Meander (like nowhere in South Africa) and bringing film and cuisine together in a unique and flavourful blend for the popular Plett Food & Film – a pairing of a classic foody film with dishes inspired by it. The Plett ARTS Festival is now positioned in the spring (October) holidays and, following an entirely live-streamed event in 2020, took to the fresh air in 2021 to combine all things artistic and outdoorsy for a weekend of fantastic fun.

To coincide with winter and the abundant marine wildlife that passes along our coastline at that time of year, Plett Tourism is proud to introduce the first Plett Ocean Festival (1-10 July 2022) a celebration of Plettenberg Bay’s most beloved treasures: our ocean, marine life, and beaches. The festival will be anchored by a three-day marine science symposium and a variety of ocean-themed events with a strong conservation theme.  The Plett Ocean Festival will appeal to family audiences with the screening of the new Seal Team film, a fun run, surfing and fishing competition in addition to the marine science symposium.

Finally rolling back around towards summer and the Plett Summer Festival and Plett Rage Student Festival, two festivals that have reached legendary status for the sheer quality of performances and perfection of the location. The summer festival features staples such as the Polo Pony Street Parade and Polo International, summer music festival at Kwano Stadium, the Get Lucky Summer residency with GoodLuck and the Sabrina Love Ocean Challenge to name a few. 

Plett Food Film Festival
Plett Food Film Festival

Plett Tourism’s CEO, Patty Butterworth chose to highlight Plett’s variety and inclusivity of events:”From a Plett Tourism event perspective, we try to ensure that there are diverse voices and perspectives within each of our Plett Tourism organised events; namely the Plett Ocean Festival, the Plett ARTS Festival and the Plett Wine & Bubbly Festival. Plettenberg Bay is also rich with diverse community representation in the private eventing industry.” Butterworth stressed, “It is important that we encourage event professionals to make sure all the voices are heard, and everyone feels welcome regardless of their identity and status. Festivals and events in the area are not limited to single characteristics and many of the events hosted consider the full breadth of diversity including gender, race, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation, ability and religion.”

Plettenberg Bay really does have something for everyone: music lovers can enjoy everything from jazz to amapiano, folk to GQOM in a variety of locations. Weekend markets continue to pop up everywhere from Old Nick’s Village and Harkerville to Green Valley and Kranshoek. Foodies will find their fill at these markets, at Plett’s vibrant restaurants and the sun-drenched Plett Winelands. Adventurous souls will find summer, spring and autumn events in the form of the Dr Evil Classic, BUCO Adventure Weekend, Sabrina Love Challenge and more. Arts and culture explode in a vibrant display of sights and sounds during the Plett ARTS Festival and the Plett Ocean Festival provides nature- and ocean-lovers with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the quiet rhythms of the ocean, photo opportunities abound and whales, sharks, dolphins, seals and birds cruise the coastline for all to enjoy.