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Home to galleries, exhibitions, performing arts and venues, Plett is as much a hub for artistic expression as it is a source of heightened inspiration with its incredible natural beauty. A diverse and renowned community of artists, performers and curators of fine art share their passion and put it on display for all to enjoy.

Art Map SA – Contemporary Fine Arts Route

Explore the area’s art studios, live exhibitions and events with a guide into the Plett Art Scene – more…

Galleries in Plett

Muffin Bekker Art Studio

Jack Lugg Art Gallery

Artists in Plett

Exploring Plett’s Art Scene

Dallas Smith Gallery

Take a journey through Plett to discover the local art scene with exhibitions and art walks.


There is always something special and exciting going on in Plett; local community events such as Warafiki Groove, the Plett Fringe Festival, the Plett Food Film Festival and the Plett Literary Liaison gives every visitor a slice of Plett. Community events showcase the local heritage and unique cultures that Plett has to offer, while giving locals and visitors a chance to come together as one.

Culinary Career

Ericaville Tea Tours

Plett Food Film Festival

Plett Fringe Festival

Plett Literary Liaison

Qolweni Township Tours

Rose Viewings at Boskydell

Warafiki Tshisa-Nyama

The Old Rectory, an historic home now a boutique hotel