Elgin Race Report 

Elgin race and the Plett Adventure Racing Team
Published: May 23rd, 2022

Plett Adventure Racing Team’s Elgin Race Report

The mysterious fifth team member!

Last weekend saw the PLETT ADVENTURE RACING TEAM of Petrus and Netski join forces with a team member from the past, Martin Fraser Mckenzie, and a newbie, Plett local Physio Andrew Van Rensburg. 

It didn’t take much to twist Andrew’s arm as his positive enthusiasm for anything crazy is always refreshing and Martin is an old adventure racer who is always up for a challenge. The Plett Adventure Racing Team headed off to Elgin to part take in the WCAD 36hr ADVENTURE RACE which is part of the A1 adventure racing series in South Africa. The race organisers did not disappoint us as the course was a tough one and taught the oldies of the Plett Adventure Racing Team not to take things for granted and not be too blasé about things!!!

The race consisted of:

The team had some good laughs, especially as Martin kept mistakenly calling Petrus by the name Cobus and so we welcomed our fifth member with open arms as he seemed to be the wise one and often added some kind of wisdom during the race… which, of course, Petrus, tried to claim when it worked out!!!

The 10km run was a fast orienteering leg.

The cycle leg included some fun route choices which included single track and the kloofing leg was truly beautiful with crystal clear water, big boulder climbing and rock hopping. The 40km hike was a challenge navigating in the dark as well as trying to find and keep on a very old overgrown hiking trail and took us well over 16hrs. We ended up high in the mountains above Sir Lowrey’s Pass – which we loved!

This is where the hard lesson was learned by Netski… one cannot rely on muscle memory in races like this as you will pay the price for not being prepared. Hence us having to pull out after the hike due to old injuries, wear and tear on a bit too unfit body. It is never nice to be the reason for the team to have to pull out but sometimes one must also realise when it is time to throw in the towel and admit defeat.

Cobus, the wise one, said: “It’s not worth it if more damage is done and the fun is replaced by pain.” While Andrew’s professional advice and positiveness made it easier and with Martin’s team spirit, the team supported me in the decision and that is what it’s about, not winning, not proving you’re hardcore, not pretending, not lying but just simply supporting each other no matter what…

Netski, we’re wishing you a speedy recovery. Take it easy! – The Plett Tourism Team

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