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Bitou Art Immersions 

Bitou Art Immersions
Start Date: 06 February, 2021
End Date: 25 May, 2021

Reconnect Series (Art Retreats): Set alongside the banks of the beautiful Bitou river, the Biomimicry Bush camp welcomes you for an immersion into nature and yourself.

Our series of 3-day intense retreats are designed with the aim of creating a deep, lasting connection to yourself through embodying your connection to nature and therefore, yourself and your creativity.


Workshops: 6th & 17th February, 6th & 17th March, 3rd & 14th April, 1st May
Retreats: 13th to 16th March, 17th to 20th April, 22nd to 25th May

TIMES: 09h00 – 15h00

VENUE: Bitou Biomimicry Camp

Utilising Embodied Movement Therapy (EMT) with Adri Querido and a deep exploration and embodiment of the creative process with Tamsyn Ellish, we will explore our inherently natural ability to find a still point within, in order to harness the creative force, in a tangible and meaningful, productive way.

Time out allows for relaxation on the river: canoes and SUP’s available …. or just float with the way of the tide.

Art Immersion Workshops: The half-day and full-day workshops are designed to create a space of deep relaxation, connection and exploration. Spend a morning or full day connecting to the beauty and stillness of this incredible venue, whilst immersing yourself in your own creativity.

Hosted by Tamsyn Ellish of Lumen Art Studio, we will utilise the beauty of our surrounds to explore the different mediums of watercolours, pencil studies and ceramic tile making.

No experience necessary – everyone is most welcome. This is a gentle exploration of the creative process in ts most abundant form, in the stillness of nature, guided lovingly by Tamsyn.

As the world shifts and changes around us, in ways that become increasingly unpredictable, it becomes more and more necessary to find a still, centre point within so that we may respond to our daily lives in a healthy and balanced manner. We are all creative beings, but it is only when we harness the complete embodiment of our creative force that we begin to alchemize into our complete potentials.

Bitou Art Immersions