quoteIt is the marriage of the soul with nature that makes the intellect fruitful, and gives birth to imagination. Henry David Thoreau.



On Tuesday during Plett Arts Festival the galleries, restaurants and coffee shops on Main Street open their doors to visitors for an evening of fun, art and a bit of mayhem.

Every exhibition space has something to offer – the artists in the house to talk art, a glass of wine and canapé, drummers and dancers on the street and live musicians.

Come out on Main Street and browse, and make a night of it with supper at one of Plett’s fine restaurants.

Tuesday 5 October from 4 pm to 7 pm.








This year Michele Bestbier presents an unusual show upstairs at Melville’s Corner. Alongside the art exhibited by 12 different artists, is an aspect depicting a spectrum of “process” related to art-making.

It reveals the meditative side and method by which to access/ excavate / activate creative endeavour. The show also hosts a workshop on its premises from the 4th to the 8th of October, that explores Transformational Procedure and delves into a fine array of various mediums in which to ART.

For more information on the workshop: Michele Bestbier on 078 327 3459 or email artsourceafrica@gmail.com.

The exhibition will be open from 10 am to 4 pm during festival, and will celebrate the opening on Friday 1 October at 1 pm.





Enjoy the company and artwork of Marius Prinsloo, well known South African painter, who will be “resident” and painting daily at Barrington’s for the duration of the festival.

Marius specializes in landscapes and seascapes and his paintings are a unique blend of impressionism and realism in bold and vibrant colours. Take time in between savouring the best of Barrington cuisine, wine and craft brews, to view works by Tanya van Wyk, Marius Prinsloo, Mfwanny Bekker, Don Maxwell Searll, and Nvulu by Naomi.

A number of special events and workshops will be taking place at Barrington’s during festival, please check the Arts Events and Masterclass pages on the Plett Arts Festival webpages.







On Piesang Valley Road, visit Bay Décor showroom to view original artworks by a variety of artists, and custom built luxury furnishings and accessories of impeccable design.

Plettenberg Bay has the natural essences of green forests, sun-bleached sands, blue seas and pastel skies, which is an influence in their décor and design style.

Art is an essential part of one’s home.









In the Yellowoods Centre, Main Street, a thought-provoking exhibition from Dallas Smith Gallery. There is a saying that the rising tide carries all ships. With all that has been happening across the globe, it appears as if the entire world has risen and no one is unaffected.

The Smith collective explore and question what the world will be like a few years from now in the near future. Join Dallas and Linda for a glass of wine during the Plett Arts Twilight Meander on Tuesday evening.






Firehart-Leggings-Ad-Retail-new2021FIREHART ARTWEAR at RAIR

Exhibiting at Rair boutique for the duration of the festival, the concept of wearing art becomes a reality with Firehart Artwear.  The brand is about celebrating the self and mother earth, and is inspired by the elements of fire, water, air, earth and spirit. The digital designs express our miraculous universe through colour, pattern, mandalas, sacred geometry and fractals, representing an intersection of art and technology, and are created by Plett designer, Debra de Villiers.

Firehart cares about the earth and uses recycled material. 25 recycled plastic bottles go into one pair of lycra leggings!  Also on exhibit is Firehart jewellery and light catchers made from recycled plastic, turning waste into useful items and preventing it from ending up on our earth and in our water.




A vibrant exhibition of digital arts in a variety of mediums (motion graphics, graphic design, digital illustration) takes place at the pop-up gallery The Foyer, a new pop-up space at the Piesang Valley Hall. Mounted works and printed portfolios will be on display and a video showreel of design work from local graphic designers Debra de Villiers (Firehart & Dimension Design), Ross Hunter (Terrasensus Visuals), Caitlyn Truman Baker and Caylee Hicks.

The opening celebration date is Monday 4 October from 4 pm to 7 pm. Join them for a glass of wine and lively conversation.  The exhibition will run till 10 October.

Terrasensus Visuals’ dynamic laser projection show brings buildings on Main Street to life on Tuesday evening on the 5th of October, during the Plett Arts Meander from 4 pm – 7 pm.



Save the dateGALLOP HILL

With their art galleries and artists firmly established within the art investors community, Gallop Hill has found a home in Plett with their stable of exclusive artists.

All the extraordinary works are marketed on the world stage and Gallop Hill continues to select and represent artists with special talent, now at their Plett seaside destination gallery.

You can view contemporary, realist, modern and some fun art at the gallery in Lookout Centre, Main Street.  Join them on Tuesday evening during festival at the Plett Arts Twilight Meander for a glass of wine, and the carefully curated art selection.







An exciting adventure into art.  Legends are all about mystique, heroes, epic stories and the icons that stir the imagination. Metal is a medium that is not often explored on canvas.

Artist Tracey Mae has pushed the boundaries on both subject matter and technique to bring new and exciting art into form and looks forward to sharing it.

The exhibition is at The Plettenberg hotel in Church Street and will run daily from 11 am to 4.30 pm.  Opening night is on Tuesday 5 October from 5 pm to 7 pm.







Milkwood Gallery is excited and proud to showcase a handful of carefully selected artists who will take your breath away. Milkwood, Rair Boutique and Bonn App Bistro turn Florina Place into a fantastical corner of art and colour on Main Street.

Milkwood Framing and Gallery are hosting well known artist William Mwale with his large vibrant oils. To complement these, Torquil McNicol’s functional art in the form of artistically created lamps. Gayle Harris with her amazing marine life will be in Bon App Bistro, and Terry Zoeller with collage work, pastels and charcoals will be in Rair Boutique.

Linocut artist, Annemie Odendaal, international exhibitor and recently returned from a residency at Cité des Art in Paris will be showing at Bonn App Bistro.

Don’t miss the first Tuesday night – snacks, wine and live music will be on offer to mark the opening of the exhibition which will run till 20 July.



Old Nick Village - Creative shopping, arts, crafts and restaurantOLD NICK VILLAGE

There are a number of exhibitions at Old Nick Village on the N2.  Celebrating Karooness, an exhibition of textured and layered works by multi-media artist Sue Hoppe is opening for the duration of Plett ARTS Festival, in the gallery next to Nice Neighbour.

Nice Neighbour will be exhibiting beautiful artworks, as well as the Passage Gallery.

Watch the press for details of opening celebration day at Old Nick.









The Plett Arts Association takes up residence at the Piesang Valley Hall from Monday the 4th to the 10th of October.  Artists will be at their easels painting, demos and workshops will be taking place, as well as creative art talks daily, covering all kinds of subjects including different media – pencil, pastel and acrylic. Molly’s is running festival specials so this will be a great corner to hang out in.

Other venues for Plett Arts Association members in Main Street are Clare’s Cakes and Plett Optometrist. Marlon’s will be hosting the work of Irma Hammel. Botanical works and small paintings may be seen at Delia’s at Market Square where you can meet with artists on certain days.  Global Village will be open 7 days a week with 2 exhibition spaces.






An exhibition of furniture, art, ceramics & sculpture.  You’ll find Reidwood in the courtyard (below The Village Bookshop), Yellowoods Centre, Main Street. The Reidwood furniture exhibition is a mixture of styles, materials, and timber shaped by years of interaction with clients, designers and architects, and formed by the skill, workmanship and creativity of the Reidwood workshop.

Alongside the furniture, view art by Helen Mudge, Matthew Brouckaert and Piero Carrara as well as Bowen Boshier and Peter van Straten.

Fabric by Mungo, ceramics by Carol Sachs and sculpture by Malcolm Solomon and Trevor Opperman/Smolten.

Enjoy a glass of wine with the artists during the Tuesday Twilight Meander.






ilovaniTHE HEATH

The wonderful respite from the humdrum, The Heath, is alive with the celebration of art at the on-going exhibitions from 01 – 10 October.  The main part of the Ilovani Showroom is converted into a Gallery Space exhibiting paintings, sculpture, prints, furniture, lighting and a myriad of captivating showpieces. Langalapu will be exhibiting nature-inspired wearable art and homeware.

Raptor Rescue exhibits The Night of a 1000 Owls, in honour of the majestic birds in their care.

The Heath opening night takes place on Wed 6 October.  Join them for wine and snacks, and purchase Owl works to support Plett Raptor Rescue.






‘Celebrating Karooness’CELEBRATING KAROONESS

‘Celebrating Karooness’ at Old Nick Village for the duration of Plett Arts Festival, well known Eastern Cape multi-media artist Sue Hoppe will be exhibiting her latest work ‘Celebrating Karooness’ inspired by her move to Prince Albert 3 years ago.

She seeks to express the essence of the Karoo, relishing the paradoxical contrasts which define this place, from small details to huge open spaces. She will be presenting an Artist Walkabout at 11am on Wednesday 6th October at Old Nick Village, where she explains her shift in materials and methods from oils and photography to coloured encaustic wax and shellac.








“I get itchy fingers & just have to draw”.

Sandy Rosin has been drawing all her life. Her subject matter has evolved from realistic renditions of the great loves in her life, animals, people, flora and landscapes, to what she terms ‘Doodle Art’.

This somewhat light-hearted way of describing her work makes reference to her meditative process of expanding realistic subject matter, allowing her imagination to take flight as she immerses herself into exquisite detail and flowing organic imagery with hidden faces, figurines and made up creatures. Her chosen medium is ink on paper with occasional soft colour.

The Sandy Rosin exhibition is up at The Nice Neighbour at Old Nick Village for the duration of the Plett Arts Festival. Viewing her work, will take you on a journey of discovery and delight.