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Nicholas Ellenbogen Book Launch 

Event Date: 25 February, 2022

This is the launch of a novel by Nicholas Ellenbogen who is, in no clear order, actor, writer, director and innovator – all of these in equal measure, with equal passion, equal skill, equal exuberance and energy.

Date: 25 Feb 2022
Time: 6pm to 8pm
Venue: St Peter’s Anglican Church Hall
Entry: FREE

He has taken his style of theatre across the world, across Africa, to fishing villages and remote settlements where few white men, let alone actors have journeyed. The book, A Vet, Three Mares and a hound named Max, is his first novel.

Nicholas explains: “What I have tried to do in this book is catch the spirit of Rhodesia in the 40s. How conservation was still in the lap of the hunter. How communities had little control over the animals that often ate their crops and killed their livestock. If there is an interest in this, my first book, I will complete a trilogy and explore the change in thinking in conservation and just who are the guardians of this Eden. I have borrowed the lives of people I grew up with, often shifting the timeline to tell my story. I am after all a storyteller, certainly no historian or academic.”

John Hanks, a zoologist who has over 45 years of experience in a wide variety of conservation management and research projects, writes Nicholas, has succeeded admirably in capturing the character of a diverse and interesting cast of people as well as he did with the animals in the theatre, making it a most enjoyable read.

Nicholas will be interviewed by David Hall Green.

The book is published by Footprint Press, specialising in SA non-fiction historical works.

For further information contact David Hilton-Barber on


A Vet, Three Mares and a hound named Max book launch invite